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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Who Let the Dog Out at Big Dog Vineyards?

An Eskie's Yelp
Big Dog Vineyards (Milpitas, CA)

Happy Labor Day here in the United States of America and welcome to An Eskie's Yelp (AEY)! This will be a place where I can review the many fun places that I have had the pleasure of visiting. Without further ado, the first AEY goes to Big Dog Vineyards!

Big Dog Vineyards has been around since June 10, 1997. Their mission is to produce the finest quality Estate Grown Wines. Their wine won awards from the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition with the Best of Class, Gold, and Silver Medals. They were also noted to receive the Silver Medals from the Sunset Magazine International Wine Competition. Way to go Big Dog!

Situated at 1,200 feet above sea level, here is the breathtaking view of the estate overlooking Silicon Valley:

Is that an equine galloping down the hills?
As we walked in, we were kindly greeted by Daisy the (Great) Dane! They weren't kidding when they named this the Big Dog Vineyards! Daisy is close to my age at about 2 years old--just a mere pup. And just like me, she is very mild mannered and gentle. She has very keen ears and being the observant dog that I am, I can see her working her hardest on the first weekend of each month. When a car pulls up, she perks her ears and rushes to the front to lead the visiting sapiens to the tasting room. 

Hi Daisy the Dane! I'm Ruckus the Eskie.
She is pretty "GREAT"
We met her sapien who said that Daisy often gets mistaken for a male given her appearance. Of course, I can relate since I am always complimented with "pretty girl" and gets asked "what's her name?" HMPH (see my FAQ)! My name is RUCKUS. Would you name your girl RUCKUS?!

Yup, she's a girl
After Daisy led us into the tasting room, my sapiens' went to pick up their wine glasses and started their pairing adventures with macaroons. Here are the tasting fees: $10 for 8-10 tastings (and you get to keep the wine glass) OR COMPLIMENTARY tasting of three wines. I don't get why my sapiens are so excited about this since grapes and wine are very poisonous to us canines! They were nearly falling off their chairs when they heard this--calling it a "hidden gem". I guess to their species, it must be considered some sort of a slick deal, like five Greenies for the price of one! It's too bad Big Dog Vineyards is only open the first weekend of every month!

Daisy and the Tasting Room
I think I can fit in there!
You really get a special feeling when you first walk in the Big Dog Vineyards. It is as if you check your stressors and worries at the door. This place is a family run boutique vineyard and winery and that is exactly the feeling you get. The owners (Daisy and her sapiens) really welcome you into their home and treat you with the utmost care. There was a live Brazilian and Jazz band present, creating the perfect ambiance. 

Wine pairings with delicious macaroon sample platter
Grapes, right in the patio sitting area
Outside Patio
Overall, it was a very positive experience for me and my sapiens. In fact, I overheard them saying that next time, they bring back some treats to nibble on with their wine. Yes! That means there will be a next time! See you soon, Daisy the Dane!
Daisy..by the end of her shift
What canine-friendly wineries have you visited? Please share in the comments section below so I can convince my sapiens for another road trip!

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Ruckus the Eskie

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  1. Oh what fun! That Dane girl sure is pretty too. She looks like the perfect mascot for the winery!

    1. Hi Ms Staub! Yes, Daisy sure did fit well as the winery's mascot. She works hard to be where she's at. Just very nice to see another successful pup!

  2. One of our favorite local wineries, JM Cellars, has a very friendly winery dog! We love to go there, wander the beautiful garden with the boys and sip wine on the patio. There are many dog friendly wineries in Woodinville. Come visit, Ruckus!

    1. Hi Cascadian, that place sounds fun! I will definitely check it out when we visit Washington. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Replies
    1. Definitely a must visit place if you are ever in the area.

  4. That scenery looks very much like our Vineyards in Eastern Washington - brown except for at the Vineyard :)