Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I Don't Look Like a Stray Anymore!

Ruckus Report: The Rubit Dog Tag Clip

You can see my tag!!!
I recently received some dog tag clips in the mail from The Rubit and thought it'd be fun to show it off since you can actually see it ! With all my Eskimo fluff, it's really hard to know that I even have a collar on, let alone a dog tag! You can see my previous photos and note that my neck looked completely naked there. I had a collar on...I swear!

The Rubit is pronounced as the (roo'bit'). Who would have thunk? They carry some stylish dog tag clips that come in a large variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. I especially like that the blue matches perfectly with my dog tag! It's pretty simple and easy to put on and here's the KEY: It actually elongates the tag! You can attach it to any collar size allowing you to quickly swap pet ID tags from collar to collar if needed to. It's easily removable if the dog tags bother your sapiens at night with all the clinking.  Good thing that doesn't apply to me. My sapiens have no trouble with the noise level of my tags because my fur has a good amount of cushion.

The Elongation Process
On my paw for size (the Large Clip)

  • Made in China: Of course that does not necessarily mean that it is dangerous or toxic (since the majority of our sapiens products are also from there), but it just makes my sapiens more cautious.
  • Discomfort initially: It can be quite a change because when I initially ran around the house with it, the clip kept bouncing around my neck. I kept trying to pull at it but adjusted to it pretty quickly after my sapiens reminded me to leave it alone. Since then, I haven't had a problem with it since it just takes getting use to.

Large, Medium, Small respectively.
Large Curve Blue

Medium Heart Rhinestone Pink

Small Curve Rhinestone Black


The Rubit comes in a good variety of sizes, shapes, and colors as seen below. They can even be bling-ed up with rhinestones or spikes if you choose! The sizes come in small, medium, and large for the different sizes of dogs and for the different sizes of your collars. Here are close ups from the side so you can have a better idea.

Overall, the biggest reason I found this worked well on me is because I can finally prove to the world that I do have a collar on and that I am not a stray dog! This is an easy quick fix to show my dog tag. It's too bad they didn't brag about this on their website because that is the biggest selling point for me. Unfortunately, you can't really see the design under all my fluff. 

For Short hair dogs- you can actually glamour yourself up with this clip. If I was a female dog, I would consider the pink heart rhinestone. My sapien is actually thinking about hooking that to her key chain just because it's so stylish!

My sapiens don't change my collar at all, but I can see if you do get your collars changed often, then you can use this to prevent them from chipping their nails and ruining their manicures.


Each of the Rubit Dog Tag Clip goes for approximately $6.99-$7.99 USD on their site depending on how much you want to embellish on the design.  Amazon also sells many varieties including the Medium Blue Clip, Medium Heart Rhinestone Pink, and Small Curve Rhinestone Black.

Do a price comparison before you make the purchase to get the best deal since the listed price changes all the time.

Manufacturer's website:  http://rubitclip.com/

What do you think, should I show off my tag? Or should I keep playing the poor homeless dog?


Ruckus the Eskie

Disclaimer: We received no payment or compensation and was provided with the sample product(s) for an honest review.  Please read the disclosure here.

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  1. Well! Thank you so much Ruckus! We are very interested in this product! That pink blinged out heart looks just perfect!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

    1. I know, that one is the perfect style for any girl pup

  2. I love the rubits! Though, Rosie did manage to chew/bite/somehow lose hers... Guess it was probably a puppy thing.

  3. I put everything on the largest lobster clasps that I can find and exchange things from collar constantly. I have never heard of Rubit. I like the bling.

    1. Yes, that bling was a big eyecatcher for my sapiens.

  4. Very cool idea. Hope it's strong enough that you don't lose it! ;)

    1. So far it's holding up really well. No problem at all in the crate or in the dog park for me.

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