Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Gimme Ma Snax!

After my birthday dinner this weekend, my sapiens surprised me with this nice little dessert! I had just received a package from Ma Snax Superior Dog Treats and was secretly hoping that I would get to try it soon. Indeed I did ...for I was a "Good Dog" that day!

Ma Snax Superior Dog Treats was established in 2005 in Sonoma, California by Mary Ellen Oertel and Ray Masnack (hence the name of the business!) under the influence of their cute puppy Penny.

  • Timely & Fresh: These goodies came in swiftly! One of the packaged treats actually was handcrafted on 9/9/13 and I received it on 9/11/13. Talk about fast and FRESH.
  • Noseworthy: Wow, such a pleasant aroma of from the ginger snaps to both my sapiens and I. As I was munching away furiously, I could tell that my sapien was a bit jealous.
Detailed view after one munch

As the saying goes...."That's the way the cookie crumbles". Very much expected of course, but do know that if you are going to chomp it down, make sure to find level ground like myself so that you can make sure to lick every bit of it up! 

Crumbled Cookies!

  • Creative Design and Packaging: Their dog treats are handcrafted organic products for dogs with such artistic creativity! I love that each cookie came individually wrapped with such care and attention. The snaps came in a very nice resealable rice paper package.
  • Bundles of Options: So many biscuits to choose from: Banana-Carob Chip Coconut Biscuits, Blueberry Power Snaps, Cheddar, Chamomile & Parsley Crackers, Chicken Biscuits with Sunflower Seeds & Calendula, Cranberry Applesauce Spice Biscuits, Double Pumpkin Happiness Biscuit and much MUCH more. There are seasonal biscuits too...so glad I was able to jump in time for the Halloween fun. 

All together, now!

The recipes to the frosted cookie is the same as the sweet potatoes and ginger snaps base. This base has bilberry and ginko for vision/eye support. They call it "one insightful cookie!". Very creative!

Not only are they known for their delicious doggy cookies, they also carry fun items such as DIY cake, biscuits mixes, and gingerbread dog houses!  

Sharpie for reference. Not included in package!

Cookies run from $3-4 USD whereas the 7-oz Sweet Potato & Ginger Snaps is about $8-9 USD.

Overall, I am very pleased to have found this shop right in my neighborhood. They make very thoughtful gifts for any of your Pawpals. My sapiens actually first heard of Ma Snax through the local Bay Woof Newspapers. They are the BayWoof.com winner of the Beast of the Bay Awards for 2013. Superior dog treats for superior dogs!

I received a discount code so be sure to use it on your purchase:


Business Website: Ma Snax Superior Treats


Ruckus the Eskie

Disclaimer: We received no payment or compensation and was provided with the sample product(s) for an honest review.  Please read the disclosure here.

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  1. Great review! Those dog cookies look wonderful. Sharing.

    1. Hi Sue, you didn't finish your thought...were you going to say..."sharing is caring"? hahah!

  2. Wow, you are a VERY good dog, Eskie! Happy Belated Birthday!

    1. Hi Jan, I figured I have to put on a show for them sapiens since they're giving me so much at one time

  3. Looks like a yummy treat! I'd eat it anyway snort snort :-)

  4. How cute an very smart you are Eskie! Your review was so good you made me want some!

    1. Thanks Kirby! My sapiens and I trained for a while..comes in handy when I need a place to temporarily store food.

  5. Those look great... and you are so patient! Great review!
    Your pals,
    Diane and Rocco

    1. Thanks Diane & Rocco. I'm only patient when there is food involved!

  6. Oh woo are so talented! And so much patience too BOL!!!


  7. They look delish! A dog can never have too many places to find good snacks!

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