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Something Smells (cat)Fishy

Ruckus Report: The Honest Kitchen Beams

The mailman visited me last week to drop off a box of goodies for me to try from The Honest Kitchen. I wanted to share with you my two cents on one of the three items seen here. This review is focused on their Catfish Beams.


The Honest Kitchen just celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2012. The Atlantic Catfish Beams was recently released last year to the market. It easily became the best-seller as a naturally dehydrated treat. Beams is a very catchy name for these pure Icelandic catfish skin sticks! They are wild-caught and dried into savory & chewy sticks. My sapiens and I were not expecting them to be crunchy and chewy at the same time so we were all very pleasantly surprised. Take a look at the video below to get a better idea of how fun of a treat this is for me. I love treats that last can last for more than a second since I am a swallow-without-chewing-type-of-dog.

GIMME already!
In addition, we absolutely love the one-ingredient treats! They are the best because my sapiens can confidently let me enjoy it. They are grain-free, without any fillers or artificial additives. Just PURE dehydrated catfish skin. (NO BONES--thank goodness!).

What's there not to love about Cats or Fish?


My sapiens were glad that I munched on these outdoors! As expected, this delicious treat comes with a potent salty and fishy odor. This makes it a very high reward treat because us pups have the best sense of smell. But don't be surprised when you start burping up some raw fishiness. Also. if you were holding it like I was during the chewing session, you will see that these crumbs can easily embed themselves into your fur and paws. And trust me, with all my fluff, they will stick!  Just remember to lick yourself clean or ask your sapiens to dust the crumbs off for you when you are done indulging. Also, don't forget to slobber your sapiens' hands clean too! They will appreciate it.


My sapiens really enjoy the simplicity of the Beams packaging. The outside has a very creative window to peek into the inside through the shape of a fish. The zip lock works fairly well given that there is no fishy odor if you were to just sniff the outside of the package. Once it's opened....well, that's when I start salivating!

This is the guaranteed analysis listed on the back of their box and on their website.

Protein, 88% 
Fat, 4.0% 
Fiber, 0.2% 
Moisture, 8.0% 

The Beams come in two sizes. The "Smalls" are approximately 7 inches and the "Talls" are approximately 12 inches. I am currently reviewing the "Smalls".

Beams Smalls, about 26 Calories per stick
Beams Talls, about 39 Calories per stick 

Quantity of a  4-ounce Bag

On The Honest Kitchen website, they actually do sell their products directly to the consumers. The 7 oz "Talls" go for $12.99 USD and the 4 oz "Smalls" is priced at $8.99 USD. For a small or medium pup like myself, the Smalls box is perfect. Although, if I do the math correctly, you can actually get a better deal from purchasing the "Talls" by approximately 40 cents per ounce! (Eskie Tip: just cut the pieces smaller and save your sapiens some money!)

Below is the short clip to show the texture of the Beams:

Overall, I would say this treat actually surprised me. Given how chewy it is, I know that I can stretch it out to enjoy it over a longer period of time. I notice that they also have another fishy treat called "Wishes" which is made of 100% wild caught haddock. Maybe I need to add that to my shopping list?

Manufacturer's website:

What chewy treats do you like crunching on?


Ruckus the Eskie

Disclaimer: We received no payment or compensation and was provided with the sample product(s) for an honest review.  Please read the disclosure here.

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  1. Smells like you found yourself some excellent outdoor treats! Great that you got a chance to review them. :-)

    1. Yum. What are some of your favorite outdoor treats?

  2. Gahhh the burps. Once I hugged Chooey and she licked me with her trout smelling mouth. LOL. It was unforgettable!!!

  3. So glad they make these for cats too >';'<

    1. Oh, I am sure your cats will enjoy these..just know that they are chewy!