Thursday, September 5, 2013

What's in your Wallet?

Ruckus Report: Mod Dog Water Wallet

Woof! Wag! Play! I won a prize from WoofWagPlay Box via an Instagram photo contest! I received this Mod Dog Water Wallet and thought it would be a fun to report back to my dedicated readers.

Ah so refreshing

This water wallet is super convenient for any dogs-on-the-go like myself! It conveniently collapses to the size of my sapien's wallet, making it pretty easy to tuck away. They use to have to carry this horrible steel water bowl for me (see further down). Even on the long hikes! Needless to say, they were ecstatic with the clever design. I know, I know, they are pretty Neolithic in their ways at times, so I am glad that they decided to go with the change.

Wallet Sized


This product was handcrafted in China. Of course that does not necessarily mean that it is dangerous or toxic (since the majority of our sapiens products are also from there), but it just makes my sapiens more cautious.

Another claim was that this product is "hand-washable". Not exactly sure what that means but I don't think that if the exterior were stained that it would be easily rinsed off. The inside is waterproof so that can easily be wiped dry or shaken dry. When I think of hand-washable, I imagine that you can rinse and wring it out. Maybe they meant that it is not machine washable?

  • Love Me Treats RC prints (exterior)
  • Waterproof (internal)
  • Collapsable to the size of a wallet
  • Ripstop Lining
  • Coated Nylon Shell
  • Reflective Label
  • Plastic swivel clip that easily attaches to keychain/backpack/or even my leash!
  • Adequate size for medium-large dogs with good depth
  • Also comes in a black version 
Here's a peek of this nifty wallet unfolding before your eyes:

Nice dog-related decor

Opening up
Entire container
The ultimate test
Slurp slurp
Guess we won't be needing to haul this around anymore!


Each Mod Dog Water Wallet is listed as $12 on Amazon. They have a website that is listed below however, their storefront is through Amazon. 

WoofWagPlay Box in Brief

Before applying for the contest, I did some research on WoofWagPlay Box since I never heard of them before. They carry the box-of-the-month packages delivered to your door. Each box contains 5-8 items of goodies for your pup that ranges from $24-$29/month. 5% goes to help dogs in needs, plus they have a charity program. That way you and your sapiens won't feel guilty for indulging every month! WoofWagPlay Box also included a promotion code, one-time use for $5 off a box. Let me know if you want the code! I have not had the chance of receiving one of their boxes yet, but would love to check it out now.

Thank you WoofWagPlay Box for this prize! This sure left me woofing and wagging!

WoofWagPlay Box website: 
Manufacturer's website:

What's in your wallet?


Ruckus the Eskie

Disclaimer: We received no payment or compensation for an honest review. This product was obtained from winning a contest hosted by the company listed above. Please read the disclosure here.

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  1. It's not a bad price for what you're getting. I have to use a stainless water bowl for my Lab...he does not like to drink out of the plastic one I bought him for travel, which is pretty fussy for a dog who eats poop!

    1. Hi Donna. $12 is not too bad given how much dog treats already cost. So your lab is making you carry his bowl everywhere??

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Kate. I know I was pretty happy when I got the memo but I think my sapiens were ecstatic because now they can pack less!

  3. Hmm... this looks exactly like my tried and true SturdiProducts bowls that are significantly cheaper, dishwasher safe, and non-toxic/BPA free. Plus, for us, SturdiProducts is a local company!

  4. Hmm... Looks exactly like my tried and true SturdiProducts bowls that are significantly less expensive, dishwasher safe and non-toxic/BPA free. Plus, for us, SturdiProdcuts is a local company. Congrats on your win Ruckus!

    1. Hi Cascadian Nomads, I never heard of the sturdiproducts but that is great to be noted bpa free. I wish mine was! Is it also collapsible and wallet sized?