Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bugsy's Box Review and Giveaway! (ends 1/28) @BugsysBox

Guess what I'm barking for this week? I received my first Bugsy's Box recently and can't wait to share with all my readers. I was contacted by Bugsy's to provide you with an opportunity to win a month's box of fun surprises.

Here's a sneak peek of the box I received:

1) Healthy Dogma - Apple Cinnamon Flavor Barkers
Current Price: $6.65

  • Mini Low-Fat Treats for good dogs only!
  • Works great as a reward or training treat
  • Comes in little bone sizes so you know these are for your pups (and not you!)
  • Packaged in a cute sundae cup container

2) Vetra Care Pet - Ear Care Wipe (2 Cleaning Cloths)
Current Price: $2.99

  • Helps to control itching and odor
  • Never tested on animals (is this a good or bad thing?)
  • Meant for both canines and felines
  • Soothes and relieves sore ears
  • Works well for my tiny pink ears (my sapiens had to cut them into smaller pieces for several use!)

3) Vetra Care Pet Liquid Bandage (2 oz)
Current Price: $6.95

  • Alcohol Free, no-sting
  • Kills 99.99% bacteria
  • FDA-approved for both animals AND sapiens!?
  • Active ingredient listed on back is Allantoin 0.8% which is a skin protectant
  • I actually received this from another box! (see here)
  • Unfortunately I had to use it on a boo-boo (see here)

4) Cloud Star Dynamo Dog Functional Treats  (5oz)
Current Price: $2.69

  • Hip & joint supplement as a treat
  • Free of wheat/corn/soy
  • No artificial colors/flavors/byproducts
  • I've always tried these before thanks to our friends from Cloud Star! (see here)

5) Barkworthies 6'' American Bully Stick
Current Price: $7.92

  • Premium Quality to keep teeth and gums healthy
  • 100% Natural
  • High in protein, low in fat
  • I love love love Barkworthies treats and their treats, the only precaution is that you watch your pup while chewing bully sticks since this can be a choking hazard (It's happened to me before!)

6) Merrick Cowboy Cookouts (5.5 oz)
Current Price $1.34

  • Homestyle Dog Entree
  • Certified to be low glycemic
  • Ingredients: beef, fresh sweet potatoes, fresh carrots, fresh green beans
  • Great way to have your dog participate in a BBQ taste too
  • Refrigerate after opening

7) Puppy Cake: Puptato Chips (2 oz)
Current Price $4.99

  • All natural sweet potatoes chips for dogs
  • Ingredients also include <2% dried chicken liver
  • Dried (not fried) healthy treat
  • Portion of profits donated to rescue organizations

8) Pride Bites Nerd Dog Toy
Curent Price $11.99

  • Eco-friendly, durable, floats, squeaks
  • High quality, vet approved
  • Part of proceeds are donated to prevent animal cruelty
  • Being that we are not too far from Silicon Valley, not sure if I should be trained to bite nerds

Estimated Total Value of Box = $42.52!

Each Bugsy's Box:
  • Comes with 5 to 7 items of goodies (I actually received 8!)
  • Ships on 15th of each month (free shipping!)
  • Treats made in USA
  • Plans for 1-month, 3-months, or 6-months starting at $19/box
Company's website: http://bugsysbox.com/

$10 OFF any of Bugsy's subscriptions with coupon code: RUCKUS

Overall, I am quite impressed with the Bugsy's Box. I've received many monthly subscription boxes in the past and I have to say, this one is the one that gives you the most bang for your buck. At $19/box, you get more than double the value. Not too shabby. I'm am very pleased also that they combined both the VetraCare products as one, not counting it as separate items. I can see other companies just throwing that in and letting it count as their one item for the month. Oh, it also looks like if you tag pics of your dog and Bugsy's Box on their Facebook page, you can win a free month too!

Check out my video of the unboxing :)

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review and giveaway for the company listed above. All reviews are honest and opinions of my own. Please read the disclosure here.

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  1. That is a pretty cool box. I agree that the included vet care items are a nice touch.

  2. Oh what a great box and the prices are good :)

  3. Looks a lot like the PetBox we got last month, some of the same products.

  4. Not a bad assortment Ruckus.


  5. My girls would love the bugsy box!!! I think it has tons of great stuff in it, and if Ruckus likes it, my girls will to!!
    ((husky hugz))
    "love is being owned by a husky"

  6. It has a great variety of stuff. My old boy could really use the hip and joint supplement treats.

  7. There is a great variety of stuff! My old boy could use the hip and joint supplement treats.

  8. Boy that sure looks like fun getting one of those boxes, lucky you! Love Dolly

  9. You got some awesome stuff! What a fun subscription box. I've been curious about those Pride Bite toys. Petal says those treats you got sound tasty! ;)

  10. That Merrick Cowboy Cookout looks delicious!

  11. Seems like some neat things! I like the liquid bandage, my dogs would love the toy!

  12. We would do a happy dance if we won!!

  13. I love this box and I know my pups would love everything in it, too. I have five Treeing Walker Coonhounds and three of them love playing with toys (not so much the other two), and all five are very food oriented so they'd all love any treats in the box.

  14. I've never heard of this box before but it sounds like fun!

  15. Simply put, I think it's awesome. I have eight dogs, three of which are rescues. With these numbers, I'm always looking for new high quality treats for them. My dogs love trying new things and I'm picky about what they are allowed to have, so love the idea of subscription boxes of high quality us made treats for them. We love barkworthies treats, my dogs have had their bully sticks and love them so liked seeing those in there. We have also used a different formula of the dynamo dog treats and just tried healthy dogma bones this past week. I loved the tiny size of the healthy dogma bones that I tried as I tend to give out lots of treats so love tiny ones so I can give more.... I know we would use and enjoy every item out of this box. So I'd be thrilled to win a bugsy box for my dogs to try and enjoy. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome box of goodies for my fur kids!

  16. Love the idea of Bugsy's box and I know my Boxer baby Loki would love to win :)

  17. Wow you have stuck the mother lode there. Enjoy. Have you on my dashboard now so see you next post.
    Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  18. Wow that's a spectacular load of loot! Great give-away! :)

  19. Not a bad box, though I've liked previous month's better. I've heard a lot of good things about the Pride Bytes toys, I think that would be Shiloh's favorite.

  20. I love this box, and i think my lab/pointer mix would love all of the treats. However i'm hesitant to subscribe to any pet boxes because he destroys every toy he gets his paws on, so i'm curious to see what other toys they offer.

  21. I think this box is awesome and that my Boston terriers would love it.

  22. I love treat boxes and this one looks great. Unfortunately for me, Vix is super picky about what treats she eats so it's easier just to subscribe to Coupaw for the one thing she loves the most. When I get a second dog this will be great though.

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