Thursday, January 16, 2014

Top 7 (Sapien) Pet Peeves

This 'N That Thursday Presents...

It’s a little of this and a little of that and everything in between…

Hosted by 2 brown dawgs & Ruckus the Eskie. Please linkup and join the fun on this LAST Thursday Edition!

It’s a little of this ...

We are sad to say that this is the LAST edition to This 'N That Thursday. We want to thank everyone for your support and for sharing your photos and stories.  

Also wanted to include a Throwback Thursday Photo here!

...and a little of that...

My top 7 pet sapien peeves:
  1. Don't dress me up in funky sweaters, I have all that fluff for a reason
  2. Don't feed my treats to other pups, they are mines and no one else!
  3. Don't take me on walks and expect me not to use my canine instinct to sniff around
  4. Don't cut off my jewels and then expect me to be the alpha dog in every situation
  5. Don't scream at me for barking, my voice counts too
  6. Don't get upset at me when I sniff at other sapiens' crotch, it's how I familiarize myself with them
  7. Don't blame your farts on me ....please!

...and everything in between

It breaks my heart to see This 'N That Thursday come to an end. To further continue the fun theme, I would like to invite you to link up next week with me to:

Thoughtless Thursday

Thoughtless Thursday is a blog hop for posts that you have sitting in your draft box but you're not sure when to share it! Share it here, it's ready!

"Don't think, just link!" 

My first linky list will go up Thursday 01/23/2014! Hope to see you all there!

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Ruckus the Eskie

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  1. Everything on the list is true! I'm sorry to see This and That Thursday be done.

    1. Thanks Danielle, I am sorry to see it come to an end too! Thanks for always coming by to visit! Thursdays will continue with a new hop as mentioned drop by to say hi!

  2. I'll look for the hop next week and put your badge on my sidebar! If I'm posting on Thursdays I'll try to alternate Thoughtless with Thankful. Good luck with the new hop! Good list too, especially the last one.

    1. Yay Amy, thanks for your support! Yes, I tried to continue with the Thursday theme so that there's still a blog hop where bloggers can feel free to link up anything they want! See you on next week's Thoughtless Thursday!


  3. Hello- We are new to the pet pawty world and are glad to be included in this blog hop, even it is the last one. Right now we are hosting a contest with a $150 pooch party prize – puppy shower, bruffday party or just because – wag on over and enter your pups. We would love to have you join our pack.

    Thanks for being such awesome furbaby mamas!

    1. Hi Lindsey, welcome to this new world! You will have lots of fun indeed. I am drop by and check out your project. Even though TNT is coming to an end, the Thursday hop will continue with Thoughtless Thursday! See you then my friend. Welcome again!

  4. Haha! "Don't blame your farts on me" too funny!!! Good one ruckus!
    So sad this n that is over but looking forward to the new hop!
    ((Husky hugz))
    "Love is being owned by a husky"

  5. So one ends and another blog hop begins. We will look forward to the new blog hop.

    1. Thanks Jan, as always...I look forward to reading your fun posts!

  6. Good list of Pet Peeves Ruckus...and Thoughtless Thursday - love it!

  7. This is Dakota's fave....Don't scream at me for barking, my voice counts too - he doesn't have to worry about me dressing him up because I don't believe in it! And...did you know there is a "Thankful Thursday" blog hop too? I love your idea also though.

  8. Interesting. Thoughtless Thursday, huh? What exactly is that about? Most of my days are pretty thoughtless. Though I will miss this n that.

  9. Oh no! We're sad to see This N' That go, but with every ending comes a better beginning

  10. LOL! I love that photo. And the sapien peeves are priceless. :)

  11. definitely agree with the last one, daddy does that to me!!

  12. I love your list of peeves. I am sure my crew would agree with all of them!

  13. I came to say hello and thank you for visiting me. You sure are soo fluffy white and pretty!

  14. ROFL, you're too funny Ruckus and adorable, of course.
    Petal says she wholeheartedly agrees with number 5, I think I even heard her shout "AMEN!"

    Sad to see TNT go, but your new hop sounds like it'll be fun! :)

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