Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 2014 BarkBox Review *Spoiler Alert*

I was lucky enough to win a 6-month subscription to BarkBox from WrappCorp & BarkBox via Instagram.

Read about it here--> My first BarkBox!

Take a gander at this month's BarkBox goods:
1) Loving Pets Barksters- Sweet Potato & Beef Krisps Recipe- 5 oz
Current Price: $8.49
  • 12 calories per treat
  • Wheat & gluten-free
  • Made in USA
  • Holistic Dog Treat
  • Simple Ingredients
    • Sweet potato, rice flour, beef, rice bran oil 

Current Price: $6.43
  • Wheat/Corn/Soy-FREE
  • Natural Treats
  • Ingredients grown & harvested from North America
  • Meats sourced from sustainable family farms & fisheries in Louisiana
  • Hypo-allergenic Delectable Treat!

Current Price: $11.77
  • Fuzzy, Squeaky, Chewy, Squishy, Velvety, Bouncy, Smooshy
  • Eye popping color
    • It was the first thing my sapiens noticed when they opened the box
  • Stimulating Shape
  • Floats in water, good for bath time fun (even though I hate baths!)

Current Price: $7.92 (x2)
  • Free-range grass fed cows
  • Good for teeth and gums
  • Natural Products
  • Fully digestible and odor-free
  • A BarkBox is not complete without it's Barkworthies goods!
Current Price:  $7.35 (for 10 oz)
  • Made with premium human-grade peanut butter
  • No preservatives/sugars/color/salt added
  • Like granola bars for dogs
  • Vitamin-enriched dog treats

FINAL VALUE: $49.88! 

Overall, I am very impressed with this month's BarkBox. The treats were very unique, including alligator meat! It was my first time tasting alligator, however I did have a taste of this crocodile toy. I love that the Sprong toy has a loud squeaker, although my sapiens would disagree. Watch the video below to see out of the 5-6 items I received here...which one was my absolute fav!


If interested in Barking along, here's my referral link for 10% off--> BarkBox referral link.or use RUCKUS for promo code.

Company's website: BarkBox


Ruckus the Eskie

Disclaimer: We received no payment or compensation for this post. This product was obtained from winning a contest hosted by the companies listed above. 

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  1. What an awesome BarkBox you got Ruckus! We got one a while ago and loved it!!

  2. What a great box of treats. Lucky pup! Lee and Phod

  3. Loved your video!My Beauregard's box hasn't shown up yet...can't wait now for him to get his box :).

  4. We cannot wait to get our Barkbox next month. This one looked great though.

  5. What size do you get? Ruby did not get the Sprong toy and it looks like something she would love!

  6. wow look at all those treats and they all look sooo good!

  7. Interesting... my January barkbox arrived last week and it contained totally different stuff....

  8. The price will probably be routinely diminished at checkout.

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