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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gimme Liver! A High Reward Treat

Review of August BarkBox 2013: Item 1 of 5
Ruckus Report: Primal Pets Freeze Dried Liver Munchies

Yum! Look what I discovered not-so-well-hidden with my dinner meal tonight! I knew my sapiens were being a little sneaky in the kitchen today. I had an eventful day at the dog park today so it was time to nourish myself with some crude proteins. 

I can really smell the delicious turkey liver through this bag!
One piece is about this size

Primal Freeze Dried Liver Munchies are wholesome snacks for BOTH dogs and cats. They are gluten free and grain free, made in the USA with just ONE ingredient: TURKEY LIVER. How awesome and simple is that? I love that there are no other added preservatives with this delicious treat. The turkeys are raised in the USA without any antibiotics or added hormones. It is good as a high protein snack, especially after any high-energy workout session such as after a strolling in the dog park with good friends. The smell is potent, it sticks to my sapiens' hand so make sure to remind them to wash with hot soapy water afterwards. This is definitely a high reward type of treat, very good for training sessions.

Reminder: This is not meant to replace food, but used for treating purposes only!

The bag itself is 2 oz, which contains a total of about sixteen pieces. Displayed are the picture and approximate size of each piece. I usually am pretty lucky and get about four pieces each treat time so you can see how fast this bag of treat can last me! 

Approximately how much I get treated each session

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min)52%
Crude Fat (min)5%
Crude Fiber (max)1%
Moisture (max)3%

I had my sapiens snap one in half to see the texture inside

Treats held in a zip sealed bag. 
Listed is their guaranteed analysis straight from the back of the bag and on their website. 

Primal Pet Food do not sell these treats directly on their website. It appears you must have your sapiens purchase through all major retailers. They run for approximately $7 USD online. 

Manufacturer's website http://www.primalpetfoods.com/product/detail/c/12/id/39

Here's a link back to my first BarkBox! http://www.ruckustheeskie.com/2013/08/ruckus-report-barkbox-august-2013.html

What are some of your favorite treats?

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Ruckus the Eskie

Disclaimer: We received no payment or compensation for an honest review. This product was obtained from winning a contest hosted by the company listed above. Please read the disclosure here.


  1. Mom buys us ben and bully dried liver treats. Same as those! One ingredient! We also love having dried fruit that mom makes just for us! And we don't have to share with the Kitty! We love reading your blog! Keep up the good work.
    Your super fans
    -Odin and Loki. <3

    1. Thank you Odin and Loki! So nice to hear such encouragement. I really enjoy the one- ingredients treat because my sapiens worry less about it when I munch away. :) Will definitely look into the Benny Bully liver chops!

  2. Ooo! We love treats for both dogs and cats! Thanks for the great review. This is our first time to your blog and we are very glad to meet you.

    1. Thanks for visiting Cascadian Nomads! I will continue to review the rest of the August BarkBox soon. Can't wait to try all the goodies.

  3. Our dogs love liver treats so I started making them at home myself. I'll check our local pet store to see if they carry these - thanks for the great review. With three dogs, the bag won't last long, but the dogs will be happy.

    1. Yum, how do you make liver treats at home? You need to come over and teach my sapiens! I have heard from other pups of mines that the whole house ends up smelling like liver, fact or fiction? If true, then I would be salivating all day long!