Wednesday, August 21, 2013

School is Back in Session!

Sapiens experience the Back-to-School Blues but please don't forget that us Dogs do, too! There is much talk about the transition in the sapien realm about the stressors and excitement about the "First Day of School". However, I don't think the sapiens really realize how this would affect their pets.

I only go back to school for recess!

The new academic year is starting up again and it's time to say 'see you later' to the mini-sapiens soon. We adjusted to having the mini-sapiens home to keep us entertained for the last 2 months with crazy adventures and car rides on family vacations. Now that school season is starting, companion time is decreased for several hours in a day!

Here are some suggestions about how to make this a smoother transition for us!

1) Routine Routine Routine.

Sounds boring but us pups thrive on repetition and a strict schedule. We are creatures of stability and routine--such abrupt changes in our schedule and expectations will certainly throw us off track. Don't get us wrong, we love a little spontaneity here and there..but it's nice to know when we can expect our meals, bathroom breaks, and walks.

2) Monitor for Depression & Anxiety.

Signs often include low energy, lack of interest, loss of appetite, excessive whining, and barking for attention, and even causing accidental puddles in the house. Changes in the schedule can lead to these symptoms so please provide us with reassurance and love during this transition. Spare some time, even if it is to groom us Eskies. Many of us are left home alone...please remember each minute to you can be seven minutes to us (if we go by the common conversion of one human to seven dog years)! Recall how long time feels for you sapiens when waiting for something to happen!

(Tip: Don't make a big ordeal when leaving the house. Don't make a big ordeal when coming home after your long schedule. The excitement is very stressful and can lead to more separation anxiety)

3) Prevent Boredom.

American Eskimo pups as myself are highly intelligent and full of energy so the new downtime can often lead to behavioral problems. Common behavioral problems such as destructiveness and excessive barking can occur but can be easily prevented. Here are some tips:

  • New gadgets!
    I love stimulating gadgets that test my intelligence and uses my brain power. To save money, the gadgets do not have to be new, just as long as I haven't played with them for a few days. My sapiens tend to hide my gadgets for a week at a time to keep me interested!
  • Exercise
    Take us out to the park or on runs/long walks before you leave in the morning. Burn our energy off so that when you are off at work or school, we can start our REM sleep.
  • Travel
    Take us with you to pick up our mini-sapiens...we enjoy that!

Getting REM sleep with my New Gadget!

I hope this post will help any pups, sapiens, and mini-sapiens out there during this school year.


Ruckus the Eskie


  1. Hi, Ruckus! I like your site too. Thanks for checking mine out. Best, Doggienista (a sapien).

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