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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Dogs Dogs and more Dogs! @babyaspen

Dogs Dogs and more Dogs. Yes, Ruckus and Mooncake are now sporting all things canine. Man's best friend and Baby's best friend.

We are absolutely canine lovers and Baby Aspen surely follows our vibe! As first time parents, there was definitely some anxiety introducing Mooncake to Ruckus initially. We were so lucky that the two fell in love with each other at first glance. You can follow our adventures on Instagram to see more of their connection.

For now, take a look at how spoiled my 2 babies are:

Thanks Baby Aspen for showing us some love. Super cute and must haves for any nursery.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Baby Aspen.  I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the company mentioned, but Ruckus the Eskie/Ruckus & Mooncake only shares information and products we trust. 


  1. this is so cute. glad they are getting along.

  2. if you ask me as a dog owner and a new parent, it is a difficult to manage two different kinds. Dog has different requirements and the baby has other needs. What I can say is that make routine for both dog and baby and stick to it.