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The Golden Rules Of Dog Ownership

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For any new dog owner, there is a huge amount of information to absorb. Sometimes, the volume of information available regarding all aspects of owning a dog can border on the overwhelming - especially for an owner who just wants to know how to care for their dog as well as possible. Due to this, we thought it might be beneficial to go back to basics and look at four golden rules of dog ownership…

Rule #1: Choose the Right Food

It is entirely possible that a dog could flourish on a brand of dog food chosen at random in the pet store but, realistically, a little more research will usually produce favorable results. By considering factors such as your dog’s specific health needs and the latest information on nutrition, you should be able to find a healthy dog food that meets your dog’s every need perfectly and allows them to ensure the best possible quality of life.

Rule #2: Garden Barriers are Incredibly Important

In addition to regular walks, most dog owners will allow their pooch to enjoy a little extra exercise by spending time in their garden - a great choice, but one that can lead to potentially problematic issues. Most dogs are curious about the outside world, and given the opportunity, will be keen to explore it. Unfortunately, dogs - unlike cats - are not particularly territorial creatures, so if they do take the opportunity to roam, there’s no guarantee that they will be able to find their way home. It’s therefore important to ensure your garden is completely dog-escape-proof, with measures such as invisible fences and double gates particularly useful in this regard.

Rule #3: Focus on Positive Reinforcement when Training

There will always be different opinions on how dogs should be trained, but there is one central idea that seems to be espoused by experts and dog owners alike: the importance of positive reinforcement. Dogs are far more likely to learn when good behavior is encouraged and rewarded than they are from so-called “negative” training, so keeping things positive and diverting their attention from unwelcome behaviors always seems to produce the best results.

Rule #4: Combine Online Forums with your Vet's Expertise

There are countless online forums where dog owners can share tips and information about caring for their dogs, and there is no denying that these can be incredibly valuable. However, these forums are always best approached with a hint of caution; the information provided is worth considering, but it’s always worth discussing any ideas you see or suggestions you receive with your vet. Used with this caution in place, forums can really help dog owners to share stories and tips, while still ensuring that your vet can consider all fundamental health necessities.

In Conclusion

Some of the more intricate ins and outs of how dogs should be cared for will always be debated, especially amongst those who have strong opinions in a particular direction. However, owning a dog is - at heart - a blissfully simple endeavor, and if you have the above in place, then you should be able to ensure your four-legged friend is living their very best life.

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