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Help Your Dog To Socialize In A Big Town

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Having a dog when you live in an urban environment can be challenging. Some breeds need a lot of space to play and run as part of their regular health routine. It’s fair to say that your apartment overlooking the harbor may not be offering remote enough options to keep your beloved pet entertained. More importantly, dogs are social creatures. They actively research the company of people and animals to maintain their happiness. Additionally, a dog that grows isolated from the contact of others can become increasingly nervous and asocial. But what can you do to help when you can’t afford to quit your job and move to the countryside to play with your pet?

Take your dog out

Don’t keep your dog at home when you go to work 

More and more big cities have developed services entirely dedicated to our pets. In fact, you can find that a lot of employers are embracing the idea of bringing dogs to the office, as their presence can be both soothing and motivating for the team.  Amazon is one of the companies that welcome dogs at work, as they count over 6,000 dogs in their facilities every day. If you’re worried about separation anxiety, taking your dog with you is the best thing you can do. Unfortunately, not all businesses are dog-friendly. When the option isn’t available, you should look for a reliable doggy daycare service next to your workplace. At the daycare, your dog can play with other dogs while you’ve got someone looking after your pet all the time.

Book care appointments for your dog

Getting your dog used to other people is an essential step if you want to be able to take your dog with you in shops, restaurants and on holiday. You can start by introducing new people into your dog’s routine, such as booking regular appointments at the groomer’s. Not only will this encourage your dog to stay calm and obedient, even when you’re not around, but it’s also a great way of keeping its fur fresh and clean!

Make friends with other dog owners

The chances are that you’re not the only dog owner in your neighborhood. Having a dog is often the best way for adults to make friends in town. You can plan dog walks together around the park in the evening. If your dogs get on together, why not move to the next step and throw a big dog party?  Think of a dog party as a giant entertaining for a handful of dogs. Summer is the best time for it as you can bring an inflatable pool for them to cool down.

Plan a getaway weekend

Lastly, when your dog is familiar with commuting and meeting other people and animals, you can safely plan a weekend away in a dog-friendly location.

Indeed, traveling with your dog can be a ton of fun. Not only do dogs keep your active – so that you’re less likely to spend the weekend in front of the TV – but they are a brilliant ice-breaker when you are in a new town.

The question is not whether you can help your dog to socialize, but why you haven’t started already. Indeed, social dogs are more obedient, patient, and street-smart than other dogs. Besides, making friends keeps your dog happy!

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