Monday, November 18, 2013

November 2013 BarkBox Review (*Spoiler Alert!*) @barkbox

BarkBox Review:
November 2013

Don't I look like George Washington here? 

Welcome to this Tasty Tuesday! I wanted to share with you my November 2013 BarkBox (Medium /Size).  Look away because this is definitely a SPOILER ALERT! 
I was lucky enough to win a 6-month subscription to BarkBox from WrappCorp & BarkBox via Instagram.

Read about it here--> My first BarkBox!

Here's the showdown for my medium-size win:

Current Price  $5.75

Dog Treat for Good Oral Hygiene
Always a bonus when treats are good for my teeth
Wheat Free, all natural and digestible
Peppermint, parsley, chlorophyll

Current Price: $7 (approximation since the 12.5 oz is 14.50)

Made with Real Duck + Sweet Potato
Choose-A-Size (easily breakable)
Grain- Free
"GUARANTEED your dog will love the taste"*

3) Bocce's Truffle Mac & Cheese
Current Price: $7.40

Gourmet snacks for DOGS? SOLD! 
4 Ingredients: organic barley flour, part-skim cheese, turkey bacon, and truffle oil
Organic, all-natural, local, wheat-free, HUMAN-GRADE 
(Great, this means I have to fight my sapiens for this snack)

4) PetSafe Busy Buddy Pogo Plush (Small)
Current Price: $7.33

The larger plush is $12.52 and I believe they sent me the wrong size. I will contact BarkBox to confirm since it appears that all the other medium/large size boxes received the Large Toy.

Free-floating squeaker
Inner Bouncy Frame
Machine Washable

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised about how much I enjoy this BarkBox. Although the value is lower than the previous boxes, I am too obsessed with this squeaker toy and truffle oil treat. Believe it or not...I am dining BETTER than my sapiens!

TOTAL VALUE: $27.48**

If interested in Barking along, here's my referral link for 10% off--> BarkBox referral link. or use the promo code RUCKUS

Company's website: BarkBox


Ruckus the Eskie

*Not sure how this guarantee works, there is no further instruction regarding return policy/refund on the packaging or website. This was just noted on their package.

**This is likely an error because I received the small toy size. I will upgrade the final value once I hear back from BarkBox. From my research, all the other medium/large boxes received the Large Pogo Plush. This would mean the total value is $32.67.

Disclaimer: We received no payment or compensation for this post. This product was obtained from winning a contest hosted by the companies listed above. 

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  1. That looks good. We don't have barkbox here, but I get a similar type called Fings for Fido. I love getting a box every month:-)

  2. I too have a medium account, and the toy I got was small...

  3. I like the buddy pogo plus for the bark box!

  4. I think Lila would love the yumZies Jerky Chews, she really likes sweet potato treats!

  5. Huffle was trying to pick up a bag of the yumZies Jerky Chews at the dog hotel, so I suspect he'd really like them :)

  6. Andy loved his PetSafe toy, but it was in a million pieces within three hours!

  7. Shiloh would love to try the truffle treats, too. Although Yumzees is a good brand and made in the USA, I just can't bring myself to trust any jerky treats. Some vets are hypothesizing that it may be jerky itself that some dogs can't handle, regardless of processed or homemade. They think it might be similar to grapes- they just cause problems without really knowing why. Have no idea if that's true and not enough research has been done, but I just can't bring myself to take the risk- too many other treats that don't give me worry and make him just as happy. Shiloh has that pogo plush toy and LOVES it! Not only is it a different "feel" when he bites on it, but he loves anything he can flap around and whack himself in the face, lol!

  8. My women just lately earned the Brownie Pet Badge.