Monday, October 14, 2013

Treats with a Boost! #DynamoDog @Cloudstar

This Tasty Tuesday, I am happy to share with you Dynamo Dog by Cloud Star!  Read my review on these delicious functional treats: 
The packaging was quite refreshing to the eye. Simple and stylish, and I was ready to get  my nourishment on!

Cute and colorful
  • Targeted packages:
    • Seems like most canines have hip problems, so why not take a treat/supplement that helps support your Hip & Joint! Stomach problems? Try the Tummy!
  • All Natural: 
    • Grain free, gluten free, all natural. I prefer grain-free meals so this complements my dining habits perfectly.
  • Vitamins: 
    • I have not seen many treats with an emphasis on vitamins for canines. I am not an expert in this area, but my sapiens seem to drink a lot of Jamba Juice, so these can be my Boosts! 
Up close and personal!

  • Studies:
    • Sapien vitamins do not necessarily have a lot of research support about their efficacy on the targeted claims. I would imagine canine-supplements would have even less evidence due to funding. Maybe if there were studies posted on their website about the benefits of these vitamins and how they enrich a canine's life, sapiens would be more inclined to purchase them.
  • Treat size:
    • The treats are individually very small. I tend to gulp them down without chewing! With the serving size listed below, your pup may also just swallow it down.
  • Eye-catching packaging
    • Simple design of the packaging with creative drawings
    • Feeding instructions from their website and also printed on the back of the packaging (for the Hip & Joint treats):  Please do not mistake this as a treat bag and overfeed!
Feeding Instructions for Adult Dogs (5 oz. bag)

Per Day
Daily Supplement Intake**Day Supply
10-26 lbs1/2115mg glucosamine HCL / 20mg chondroitin sulfate58
27-54 lbs.1230mg glucosamine HCL / 40mg chondroitin sulfate29
55-89 lbs.2460mg glucosamine HCL / 80mg chondroitin sulfate15
90+ lbs.3690mg glucosamine HCL / 120mg chondroitin sulfate10


5 oz. bags

14 oz. bags

Can I take it yet?
Do you feed your pups vitamin supplements? Let me know! I am currently enjoying the Bacon & Cheese flavor! Stay tuned, there are more goods from Cloud Star products on the way!

Company's website:


Ruckus the Eskie

Disclaimer: We received no payment or compensation and were provided with the product(s) for an honest review.  Please read the disclosure here.

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  1. Great size for training! Love that video :-)

  2. I have never heard about this product. I agree, that size is small for me, I'm one big puppy! :) Love your video as well, liked seeing you fluff blowing in the wind! Spencer

    1. Hi Spencer! I think it would work well if it was a bigger size but at least it's just once a day.

  3. Cool GIF little mate! The treats look very good- we shall direct #1 to get us some woooo!


    1. Thanks RA! Please let me know what you think of them if you are able to get your #1 to get some.

  4. We love these supplements/treats. We received a bag in our HappyDogBox and they are so good! We have the hip & joint ones currently but are looking to get the skin & coat ones because that's where Duke needs the support more! -Jess @ Life with Duke

    1. Oo! That's exciting. I didn't know that they were also coming in the HappyDogBox as well. I'm getting one of their boxes soon and will review their goods as well :)

  5. I have gotten these treats for my dogs in the past, though I don't remember which kind. I do remember they liked them. Now we have more of a need for joint supplements for our golden retriever, and I am starting to look for more grain free options too. So I think we will definitely give these a try again!

    1. Hi Jan, that's true. Many sapiens don't think about supplementation until their dogs are older. I wonder if it's smart to start young...say....a 2 year old pup like myself?

  6. They look yummy although we tend to not buy any fortified treats. Wish they offered something that wasn't. We supplement separately.

    1. Hi 2browndawgs. What sort of supplementation do you get?

  7. Love the packaging, very nicely done! They do seem kinda expensive though :/ Thanks for the honest review!

    1. Hi Nailah, I really do love the creative packaging. Definitely an eye-grabber. I actually thought the price was decent given that I only take one a day (per my weight). A bag would actually last me quite a while. AT least more so than a typical treat bag would!

  8. Golden LOVE CloudStar. It is one of my favorite treat. The size is good too (not too big). Happy Tasty Tuesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. We love Cloud Star! We have to look extra hard for their treats here in Canada.

  10. I love the packaging. It's simple and effective. We haven't tasted it yet, though.

    1. Let me know when you are able to give it a taste test. I'm curious what you think!