Thursday, October 24, 2013

This N' That Thursday: Do Our Sapiens Love Us Too Much?

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Jim Sollisch of the Christian Science Monitor poses the question to his sapien audience: "Do Americans love their dogs too much?" I am reminded of something my sapien mom once told my sapien dad. She said, "You know, Ruckus eats better than I do. He has all of this organic grain-free food, while I'm eating my UN-organic grain-full food!" And to that, I only have this to offer:


While I do have my grain-free diet and organic treats, I still am groomed at home by my sapiens and have not been to any pet spas!

Sollisch states that sapiens spend more than three times the amount of money on their pets than it would take to "end" homelessness in the USA. At first glance, it does sound like a ridiculous amount of money spent on us canines, felines, equines, porcine, and etc. However, it is a sensationalist statement and believing that funneling $20 billion dollars to end homelessness seems like a pipe dream to me. There are just so many factors that involved in the situation. Throwing money at the problem usually does not solve it!

So what is Sollisch really trying to state in his argument? He concludes with every one taking their part and stop spoiling their pets. Instead, that money should be diverted to sapiens who are less fortunate than themselves. I do wish I can bring happiness and joy to every sapien I encounter. That is my goal. For my sapiens, they want to provide for me and make me happy to be part of the family. And, I think that's where the key lies.

Sollisch writes that he does not give birthday gifts to his dogs. He mentions that his dogs will behave the same either way. But, I think my sapiens know how happy I am when I get a new toy just like a sapien child gets excited when they see their new toy. I feel the happiness in my sapiens. Wouldn't you want the best for your sapien child?

What do you think? Should I bling'd up even more? Would you like to see me like this?

Schnazzy space helmet!

Read more about Jim Sollisch's opinion at: Christian Science Monitor.

How much are you pampered?


Ruckus the Eskie

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  1. LOL Ruckus, I am not sure about your bling, but the pizza looks fun!

    I think when people spend money on their pets for things like birthday presents, it is more about how it makes them feel. It gives them joy and that is not a bad thing.

  2. no way impossible! also what this rather foolish person misses is that we give things to our dogs not just to make our dogs happy but to make us happy as well!

    urban hounds

    1. Oh man,I so agree with the preventative healthcare! We spend quite a bit on Donna's thunder phobia just so that we can have some peace of mind and quality sleep at night!!

      There are probably some people who spend more and some people who spend less on their pets, within their budget and how much they can afford. It's the human's hard earned money at the end of the day and they can choose how to spend it. Although, I do feel bad for those that spend ridiculous amounts on pet shop pets that fall prey to congenital conditions during their puppy years... I think of the vet fees and I shudder.

  3. This is how I look at it Ruckus...Whatever I spend on Gizmo is a preventative health care for me...Dogs add so much to my life, get my body moving and bring so much joy that I'm a healthier happier person

  4. I think if you earn your money, you have the right to spend it any way you'd like. :-) That being said, I'm with 2 Brown Dawgs, it gives me joy to have my pets with me, and spending money on quality food and toys to keep them healthy and happy benefits me in the long run.

  5. Great thought Ruckus, we concur that this author has far oversimplified and underestimates the cause of homelessness. Play bows,


    ps, mmmmm, more pizza!

  6. I say you can NEVER love your dog too much...what is this guy talking about! I agree with more pizza though.

  7. I am sure some of my friends and family would flip out if they saw my blog posts categorizing my dog expenses. But...I work hard, take care of all my obligations, and typically donate money (to people and dogs) monthly.

  8. I am sure some of my friends and family would flip out if they saw my blog posts categorizing my canine expenses each month. But...I work hard, take care of all my obligations and typically donate money (to people and dog groups) each month.

  9. We donate money to both human and animal causes each month. We feel that since we give back to several causes, we can spend any other of our money any way we wish--especially on our two spoiled dogs. That being said, we agree with you. Throwing money at problems usually doesn't fix them. The $20 billion share of money spent on dogs each year that he suggests being given to homelessness would in no way even begin treatment and housing of the homeless with mental illness (see, and sadly, those numbers have climbed as some of our veterans continue to come home with disturbances. When it comes to the mentally-ill-homeless, people have often tried to give them help, only to have it thrown back in their faces. I'm sorry to tell Jim Sollisch, but he's living in some dreamworld. He needs to do a lot more research before he passes along opinions like these because he seems to be putting every homeless situation into the same basket. It's impossible to do so, and he's ill advised to make such a sweeping, blanket statement.

  10. Why yes i love my animals way to much and wouldn't have it any other way.

  11. I don't think it's possible to spoil our dogs too much....the unconditional love you give back is priceless.
    I think something to be looked at more would be all the money that is paid to athletes and Hollywood stars!

  12. Sure, the guy may have a point. It's a lifestyle preference, however I think. If someone wants to go and donate to charity rather than purchase a gift for their dog's birthday, their dog may not know the difference. But, so many people view their dogs as their children and it's inevitable that many pets are "spoiled". I don't think a little bit of pampering will hurt anyone.


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