Friday, April 18, 2014

Sponsored Post: #MilkBone Product Launch for Brushing Chews! (+ GIVEAWAY)

Hello all, I am excited to be a part of a new product launch from Milk-Bone® called Brushing Chews™!

UPDATE: Milk-Bone is offering a giveaway. Read through for details and how to enter!

A Brushing Chew a day will keep the Veterinarian Dentist away?
While I normally eat dry kibble for breakfast and dinner, and plenty of other harder treats throughout the day, my sapiens still notice gunk on my teeth by the end of the night. Once a day they'll come by with a toothbrush and enzymatic toothpaste and clean my pearly...yellows? Wouldn't it be nice if we both didn't have to participate in this routine? I've had several varieties of dental chews before, but none that claim to be effective enough to replace brushing! For those pups that don't get their teeth brushed regularly, this is pretty fantastic!

Milk-Bone has provided me with the following samples which I have tried over the past week.

1) Milk-Bone Brushing Chews Mini (14 bones)
Current Price: $4.49


2) Milk-Bone Brushing Chews Small/Medium (18 bones) 
Current Price: $10.49

  • When I eat these daily, it's just as if I'm getting my teeth brushed twice a week! Time-saver for my sapiens
  • Scent/Flavor drives me wild! I definitely show off my zoomiez and ability to do all my tricks when it's time for my chew
  • Medium-size is not easily breakable. With our other dental chews I usually only get half, so we prefer a notch to divide if necessary
  • Should probably have a larger size for those bigger canines!
Here is a size comparison between the trusty Sharpie and both the Medium and Mini sizes. Check out the detail with all those bumps and ridges. You can also see how the chew is molded into a nice little twist. It's great for rubbing against my gums and teeth!

In the end, my sapiens are still brushing my teeth, but will supplement the night with one of these chews as well. They want my Eskie Smile to be free of cavities and tartar, so taking the extra effort is one of their top priorities for me. However,

For more information about Milk-Bone, their Brushing Chews product, or any of their other products, please visit their website.

Milk-Bone wants to offer a Milk-Bone Brushing Chew Dental Pack to 15 different winners. The Giveaway will be open through 11:59PM Eastern Time April 30th. All you need to do to enter is fill out the rafflecopter and make sure you do the mandatory entry of leaving a comment on my Blog Post. One winner per household. 

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Ruckus the Eskie

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  1. Wow they look like chewy fun. Have a fabulous Friday Ruckus.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Hmmmmm, sort of like greenies? They seem cheaper though I think? Great post!
    Thanks for the info!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  3. How interesting! What a great supplement to a regular tooth brushing :)

  4. What a snack. I could really use one of these :-)

  5. If its from MillkBones, then I'm sure that my boys will love them!

  6. Max would love to get one of these to chew on! And I like that they're good for his teeth

  7. Batman favorite activity is chasing the cat, catching the ball and eating lots of bones. 😃

  8. Batman love chasing the cat and catching the ball 😃

  9. Batman favorite activity is chasing the cat, catching the ball and eating lots of bones. 😃

  10. They look delish! How do you hold that in your mouth without swallowing it?

    Earl would be too greedy BOL

    Lots of Woofs from Earl an I at Earl's World!

  11. Ella's favorite activity is playing ball and Diamond loves fetching her stuffies and going for walks.

  12. My girls favorite activities are aggravating mommy just kidding.
    The love to play. They love to love and be loved.

  13. Shiloh's favorite activities are agility and playing with his Chase-It toy. Wager's favorite activity is tugging on Shiloh's tail!

  14. Oh Dog! I'd sure like to try them!

  15. We think these are really yummy!!! Great post!

  16. Love the milkbone products! Odin is going to swallow them up!

  17. My dogs love to play, go on walks, or just be with their mommy! :)

  18. One of my dogs loves to nap and the other loves to walk.

  19. My dog loves running around chasing toys!

  20. I have one dog that is totally food motivated, while the other loves toys and playing ball. thank you bl

  21. my dog loves to run and run and run outdoors.

  22. "Horse play", I love it too.

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