Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December 2013 BarkBox *Spoiler Alert* (Promotion and Giveaway)

I was lucky enough to win a 6-month subscription to BarkBox from WrappCorp & BarkBox via Instagram.

Read about it here--> My first BarkBox!

1) Hear Doggy!
Current Price $10.85

  • Ultrasonic Toy only your dog can hear
  • Small Blue Plus Squeakless Whale
  • Perfect size for small or medium dog

2) Hare of the Dog
Current Price $ 6.49

  • Made in USA
  • USDA Inspected
  • All-American Rabbit
  • Support Rabbit Farmers

3) Wet Noses Peanut Butter & Molasses Dog Bone Treat
Current Price $1.79

  • No Corn/Wheat/Soy
  • 100% Organic
  • Support Small Family Run Bakery
  • Human Grade Ingredient

4) Barkworthies Junior Bully Sticks
Current Price: $12.13

  • Made out of BEEF BLADDER? (My oh my, you really do use the entire cow huh? At least nothing is wasted!)
  • 100% Digestible Dog Chew
  • Promotes Dental Hygiene
  • Grass-Fed, Free Range Cattle

5) Plato EOS Turkey with Cranberry
Estimated Price  $4 * approximate price, the one listed is 12 oz, the pouch below is 4 oz

  • Combination of Sweet and Savory Flavors
  • Grain-Free, NO Corn/Wheat/Soy/Grain/Fillers
  • Natural USA grown Turkey


Not bad for a $19 box (with promo code applied)! I was hoping that since December is a holiday month, it would come with a holiday special. I know as a company, it is hard to have holiday-themed items because it will be hard to reuse them in future boxes. I can't help but wonder if my Turkey and Cranberry from Plato was suppose to go in my Thanksgiving/November Barkbox! Either way, it is still tasty. Overall, I do love this month's BarkBox. Can you tell which item is my favorite from the video below?


If interested in Barking along, here's my referral link for 10% off--> BarkBox referral link or use RUCKUS for promo code.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Company's website: BarkBox


Ruckus the Eskie

Disclaimer: We received no payment or compensation for this post. This product was obtained from winning a contest hosted by the companies listed above. 

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  1. Still waiting on our BarkBox. Did your Human wear the gloves to avoid touching bull peepee? :)

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  3. From the October box, Shiloh would have loved to try the Bumi toy. I see a lot of dogs with this toy as their reward after runs, and they seem to love it.

  4. From the September box, Shiloh would love to try the truffle treats, too. Although Yumzees is a good brand and made in the USA, I just can't bring myself to trust any jerky treats. Some vets are hypothesizing that it may be jerky itself that some dogs can't handle, regardless of processed or homemade. They think it might be similar to grapes- they just cause problems without really knowing why. Have no idea if that's true and not enough research has been done, but I just can't bring myself to take the risk- too many other treats that don't give me worry and make him just as happy. Shiloh has that pogo plush toy and LOVES it! Not only is it a different "feel" when he bites on it, but he loves anything he can flap around and whack himself in the face, lol!

  5. Oh darn... I do a couple entries per day to space them out over the course of the contest instead of doing them all at once... just realized the facebook share/comment was a daily option I've been missing out on!

  6. Happy Happy Happy is how I would caption that smile!

  7. That does look like a great thing to win. We wish everydog that enters good luck. :)

  8. Happy day! Looking good in the spotlight! Thanks for sharing the Pet Parade hop

  9. It certainly looks great, that barkbox.

  10. They would like the crunchy rabbit chew

  11. They would like Crunchy Rabbit Chew

  12. They could use the N-Bone Twistix Dental chews

  13. Caption for top photo: "Aw, really? For ME?! TThhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssssssssssssss!"

  14. Great review! :) Always wanted to try out one of those subscription programs!

  15. "Hurry up and take the picture, mom. I have treats to enjoy."

  16. I'm so bad with captions, but the only thing that keeps coming to mind is "wait for it....." =/

  17. I'm sure that's a very happy Puppy... :)
    Merry Christmas!!

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