Monday, December 30, 2013

Giveaway: Zuke's Skinny Bakes (ends 1/13/14) @ZukesPets


I was recently contacted by Zuke's to share my Ruckus Report on their new Skinny Bakes & Mini Naturals. Read on to find out how to enter the giveaway for the Skinny Bakes!

I recall my first experience with Zuke's products from the Woof Way Play October Box so I was pretty excited to dive into these snackies.

1) Zuke's Skinny Bakes
Current Price: $7.00

Love the creative design of these biscuits

  • Creative Designs
    • Package: Already in love with the Skinny Bakes given that they have the Golden Gate Bridge printed on their bags! Beautiful picture of the Marin Headlands in San Francisco, CA
    • Biscuits: The pill shape and the imprint of Zuke's on these biscuits are so pleasing to the eye!
  • Guilt-Free Feeding
    • At under 10 calories, this prevents me from gaining weight during treat time
  • Aromatic
    • Pleasant to all nostrils, so much that my sapiens had to resist taking a nip themselves!
  • Crunchy but crumbly
    • As expected with any crunchy treat/biscuits, they will crumble so eat over a surfaced area and avoid the carpet!
  • Difficult to break
    • Although there is that half-way mark, it is more difficult than expected to crack these biscuits in half for the 5 calorie treat instead of the 10. 
Current Price: $3.76

  • Strong scent
    • This can be considered a pro or con
    • The PRO is that this becomes a strong-reward treat for pups since most of us are scent-driven
  • Low-calorie
    • Less than 3.5 Calories per Treat
    • Approximately THREE of these Mini Naturals match up to ONE Skinny Bake
  • Great for Training
    • Well-behaved Zuke indeed! 
    • Just one whiff of these minis and I'm throwing out my tricks left and right
  • Strong scent
    • This can be considered a pro or con
    • The CON is that my sapiens' are not particularly pleased with the smell of Rabbit! Good for me, bad for them
  • Size
    • I'm a gulper so these mini-sized treats don't particularly do well with me if given in a handful. However, it would work well in this IQ Treatball. I recently chewed that toy to pieces, regretfully :(
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  1. Great review and awesome animation ruckus. My gang loves Zukes.

  2. We love Zukes and we use them a lot these days for training with my little sister!

  3. Hey Ruckus - Zuke's are my favorite. You are right, they are good in treat toys and good for our find the food game. We agree the skinny bakes are tough to break -hope they fix that. Happy New Year!

  4. They get their little treat every night before bed. They would like some Zuke's.

  5. I'd use them when they are good dogs and just to be nice to them!

  6. They all look good to me!
    Happy New Year. Hope 2014 is even bigger and better! xx

  7. I would use them to train Sissy more. She is still working on drop it!

  8. I would use them for trick training!

  9. Hmmmm never tried those. I'm entering!!!
    Happy New Year!!
    ((Husky hugz))

  10. We're working on the stay and "place" commands and Huffle's a little bored (unmotivated) by the treats we've been using! These would be a great new trainer treat set.

  11. My dogs love Zukes. We are a grain-free family. We get treats; just because. They are the best.

  12. We're huge fans of Zuke's treats here! We use the minis for training, and go through a lot! Power bars are for long agility days. Shiloh gets a hip action treat every night. Jerky bars and z-fillets are high-value and jackpot treats for training. Yup, we love Zuke's!

  13. I would use Zuke's as a treat for when I leave my babies to go to work. They don't care so much when they get a good treat. ;)

  14. Brandy Z (Bayb Heart on Fb)January 2, 2014 at 1:41 PM

    I'd use the Zukes as treats for nail trimming time. Both mine need something special to keep them behaved during their pet-icure.

  15. We would use these treats for weight control treats!

  16. I would Zuke's for training and for just because I Love You Schooner & Skipper.

  17. Hi. I have eight dogs, three of which are rescues. I like to give out lots of treats, so love tiny ones and low calorie ones so I can give them out lots and not worry. I would use them for training but I'd also give them out "just because"...., my dogs get a little something every time they come inside from potty, they get a little something before bed, when we wake I would use these all the time. The don't care how small the treat is as long as they get it so these would be perfect. I've used zukes mini for years, haven't tried skinny bakes yet but my dogs love crunchy bones so I know they would love them. Thanks for the chance to win these yummy treats for my babies! They would be sooooo happy!

  18. We use the mini naturals for training treats for our new puppy as well as the other dogs, but we haven't tried the skinny bakes yet and would love to also use them for training.

  19. We love Zuke's for training treats! Duke loves them and they are healthy enough that I don't feel bad feeding him them on a daily basis!

  20. I would them to help train my dog to come & during walks.