Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Great Nutrition for a Great Price #NaturesRecipe

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A few weeks ago, we took Ruckus on a trip to PetSmart to shop for some tasty new treats. We went looking for a budget-conscious, yet still healthy pet food because we're always trying to make sure he eats his best. After being surrounded by so many choices, we were able to pick up and try products from Nature's Recipe®, who are trying top help parents go natural on a budget.

One of the items we picked up was a topper that is looks like a flavorful broth to elevate your pup's regular dog food. It was quite a bargain as well, coming under $2, and definitely looked like it could be spread over multiple feedings.

Looking at the detail of this photo, you can almost smell how delicious it is. Even Ruckus can hardly contain himself, staring longingly at us to let him scarf it down. This food is meant for topping on dog food, but it looked great in one of our human rice bowls. I think Ruckus needs a pair of chopsticks to eat all the individual chunks of fish.
Thankfully,  he's very disciplined and patient, and modeled gracefully for us when we took this picture. Afterwards, he was all business and devoured it in a manner of seconds.

That's what Nature's Recipe aims to bring. Delicious pet food that's widely available and affordable. You don't have to think that pet foods at specialty pet food stores are more expensive than the ones you find in your grocery stores. They are here to provide for pet owners from every budget range.

Nature's Recipe has a main line of food called "Life Stages", which you can learn more about in the links at the end of this post. As the naming suggests, this line of food is great at all stages of your pet's life, crafted to provide the important nutrients at each stage. Each stage is clearly labeled online and in stores.

Nature's Recipe is also available online (see the link at the end) and also at any PetSmart stores. Just keep your eyes out for the yellow section---we found it in a cinch!

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