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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Are Persimmons Safe for Dogs?

Safe or Not?
My sapiens received some organic persimmons and decided to do some research to figure out if persimmons are safe for dogs. They have training in veterinary medicine but I still wanted to share their collection in this process. Citations as noted.

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1) WebMD Pets:
The problem with these fruits is the seeds or pits. The seeds from persimmons can cause inflammation of the small intestine in dogs. They can also cause intestinal obstruction. Obstruction is also a possibility if a dog eats the pit from a peach or plum. Plus, peach and plum pits contain cyanide, which is poisonous to both humans and dogs. The difference is humans know not to eat them. Dogs don't.

2) Canine Journal
Persimmons, peaches, and plums - If you live in an area that is home to persimmon, peach, or plum trees, look out. Persimmon seeds and peach and plum pits can cause intestinal obstruction and enteritis. You'll want to make sure there aren't any wild persimmon or other fruit trees that produce seeds growing in your backyard. If you notice your dog pooping all over the place, and see a bunch of seeds or pits in their waste, you'll need to break out the saw and chop down some trees.
3) BarkCare 

My sapien:  Are persimmons safe for dogs?

BarkCareVet: Sure. You can definitely talk about the seeds and pits. Unfortunately, I cannot provide precise information on the fruit itself. Sorry. If I do find something I will certainly pass it along.

BarkCareVet: Persimmon seeds and pits can cause intestinal irritation or obstruction. Clinical signs can include diarrhea. If Ruckus has gotten into persimmons keep an eye out for diarrhea. If it doesn't resolve he should be seen by his doctor for treatment.

My sapien: No Ruckus hasn't gotten into any persimmons but would it be safe without the seeds and pits?

BarkCareVet: I can't find any proceedings that indicate the fruit itself is toxic, but I cannot say for sure. Is there a reason you want to offer this fruit? Fruits and vegetables that are definitely safe for dogs include apples, pears, bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes, and green beans.

My sapien: No reason, I am just curious since I received some from my family members. I just couldn't find any literature supporting or against the persimmon fruits. Most info has stated it's danger with the pits and seeds. Thought I would ask a vet. Also would it be okay if I share this information with other dog owners on my blog to help spread the awareness?

If I can't eat them, then I will wear them!

From my brief research and veterinarian consult, I do not believe there is enough current literature supporting the pros or cons of the persimmon fruit. There are strong statements stating the danger of upset GI (i.e. diarrhea, vomiting/nausea) which could elevate to intestinal obstruction in regards to the fruit's seeds and pits. At this time, I  will stay away from persimmons as a whole. 

Hope this is helpful!


Ruckus the Eskie

P.S. BarkCare reached out to me to trial their service. They are a part of the Bark & Co Family (along with BarkBox!). Currently they closed the beta to focus on home visits. Stay tuned for a review on BarkCare in the near future.

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  1. Hmm interesting. I think it's persimmon season because my parents have been eating those like they're going out of style! Are you of Asian decent by any chance? Seems to be a popular fruit amongst us.

  2. Oh! Interesting! Although I've never heard of them lol

  3. Oh!Oh!Oh! I don't know about persimmons. I guess it's a whole lot safer placed on your head than anywhere else. Maybe they're like cherries...I've personally never tasted one before.

  4. I know in my country they are very popular :p but i think they have to much sugar for a dog :) ... and he decides to wear them so smart

    Welcome to my blog :)

  5. Hi Y'all!

    My Humans sometime enjoy persimmon, but they've never shared with me...they do share most fruits and vegies but are usually careful to be sure there are no seeds...

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  6. I will wear this persimmon as a hat. Good job, Ruckus! So are they saying that the pits cause something similar to diverticulitis in people? My duck can't have too much seed because of that, so my chickens eat a processed crumble instead of a natural scratch seed combo. We do what we have to do.

  7. I am not sure I know what to do with persimmons myself...lol. I think I have seen them as jam.

  8. I've never had a persimmon either, but I like Ruckus' adaption of it into a hat! Very creative!

  9. This is interesting. The persimmons I've purchased don't have seeds. I've never fed them to our dogs (they're too yummy and I keep them to myself), but this post is a reminder to ask our vet first.

  10. We have never tried persimmons either. I am very particular about what I let my Sissy try.

  11. our dog had a very small piece of dried organic persimmon and had a food allergy reaction soon after. Very similar to allergic reaction in humans who consume persimmons and whom are allergic. Our dog is red heeler and Shiba Inu mix.

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