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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

How to Wash your Dog in 8 Steps: Dog Bath!

Ruckus is a 6 year old American Eskimo and we’ve had pretty good experience on dog washing since we do most of our grooming at home.

A trip to the groomers typically costs us $150-200 dollars and takes 6 hours or more, so let’s start saving you some money!

3 minute YouTube Video:

Step 1 Gather your Tools

It helps to have everything set up so that you don’t leave your wet dog in the middle of the bath washing process.

We’ve prepared the following for today’s dog washing:

Step 2 First Rinse

In CA, we are blessed with pretty warm weather all year round, so all of his baths have been in the backyard with our trusty hose. Depending on your dog breed and hardiness, you may need to bathe them indoors in your bathtub or sink.

Note that it is super important to make sure that you are able to catch all of the fur so that it doesn’t clog your pipes!

Step 3 Apply Shampoo

We love love love the shampoo and conditioner made by Viva La Spa since it makes Ruckus smell like baby powder.  See the link below for more info.

Step 4 Rinse Shampoo

Hose him down at full blast to clear away any last bit of shampoo!

Do note that we also used Viva La Spa conditioner to keep his fur silky, but edited it out keep this video condense and to the point!

Step 5 Let your Dog Run Away (optional) 

Now as you know, most dogs HATE baths and Ruckus is NOT an exception to this rule. Give your pup some breaks in between sessions where it makes sense, like after a rinse and after towel drying.

Step 6 Towel Dry

Speaking of towel drying, remember to keep a few towels handy. Manually dry off as much as you can to save time with the blow dryer.

Step 7 Blow Dry and Brush

You can use any blow dryer you prefer. We understand that the costs for dog-specific blow dryers has a higher price point, so we just use a human-grade blow dryer.

Brushes on the other hand, are a different story. Our dog is an American Eskimo with a thick double coat, so we use many types of brushes to keep him handsome.

Step 8 Enjoy the Fruits of your Labor

Ah, the final step. After an hour-plus of our time, we’ve reached Step 8.

Take a glance at the outcome. Smooth silky fur with an extra oomph of fluff!
Luckily with Ruckus we only have to wash him once every few months. He naturally sheds his dirt and dander into our white carpet!

Please leave a comment below on YOUR TIPS ON HOW TO WASH YOUR DOG.

This post may contain affiliate links. We purchase most of the products for the posts ourselves however sometimes we have the opportunity to test and review brand products. Ruckus the Eskie will only share products we trust.