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5 Effective Tips For Keeping Your Pets Safe And Happy

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As a pet owner, your main priority is ensuring your pets live the best life. This is why you constantly ask yourself if you are always doing the right things. Just like humans, pets also require attention and care to prevent a negative impact on their physical and mental health. The last thing you want is to see your dog sick or injured or experiencing a mental health disorder such as depression or anxiety. One effective way of improving your pet's quality of life is by ensuring its safety. Your pets are exposed to all kinds of dangers, whether at home or outside. Therefore, the right measures must be taken to ensure your pets are safe. Furthermore, a safe pet is a happy one! On that note, here are a few tips you should consider to ensure your pet is safe and happy. 

Be mindful of the weather

When you think of the safety of your pets, it's safe to say that the weather is the least of your concerns. However, this should not be the case. The weather can play a significant role in the health and safety of your furry friend. For instance, during extremely hot temperatures, your pets can succumb to issues such as dehydration and heatstroke. According to PETA, heat-related deaths of dogs and cats have doubled over the last year. Therefore, being mindful of keeping your dog safe during such hot temperatures is vital. For instance, protect their paws from hot surfaces to prevent them from experiencing burns. You should also never leave your pets in a hot car, especially during the summer, and be sure to provide cooling treats and toys. It is also advisable to keep them hydrated and limit their outdoor activity in such temperatures. During the colder seasons, you should also ensure that your pets receive adequate warmth and watch for signs of hypothermia. 

Discourage fights as often as possible

If you own several pets or live where your pets socialize with others, you may not be new to the fights that occur. Just like humans, your pets may not get along with others well or may be irritable from time to time. When this happens, this can lead to fights. However, such fights jeopardize the safety of your pets. Your pet may suffer injuries such as bruises and scratches from such fights, which could cause even more health complications if left untreated or unnoticed. But how can you identify normal play from an actual fight? First, you must carefully observe what normal play is like for your pet. Animals have unique personalities, so by observing your pet's personality, you can determine if they are not in a fight. However, if this is quite challenging or seems like rough play, you can separate the animals as soon as possible to prevent a fight or other issues. 

Always have a first aid kit nearby

From running around to being too curious, your pet is never too far from danger. This can lead to several injuries and other emergencies requiring immediate attention. This is why you must keep an emergency first aid kit nearby. Your first aid kit must include tools and medications that a pet-friendly and effective. Most importantly, you must know how to use these tools and medication. It would be unhelpful to try figuring out the components in your first aid box only in an emergency. Additionally, the fear and panic you experience during such a time can make it difficult to think straight. Therefore, knowing what to do beforehand goes a long way to ensuring your pet's safety and improving their chances of recovery. 

You should also know common health issues your pets may encounter and have medications that help to treat these issues. This makes you prepared for any medical emergency that may arise. However, you should contact your vet immediately to ensure your pet receives professional medical services. 

Avoid leaving your pets alone 

Despite socializing with other animals, your pets don’t do well with being left alone for several reasons. For one, they may begin to feel depressed and anxious. The lack or limit in social interactions and loving contact with their human can trigger this response— because, like you, they don’t like being left alone. Moreover, unsupervised pets tend to be more exposed to dangers. Therefore, it is vital to always keep in touch with your pets. Fortunately, several technological solutions, such as PetCam and Buddy, make monitoring your pets and even interacting with them when you are away easy. You can also have a reliable friend or family member watch your pet when you are away. Not only does this supervision make your pet feel less lonely, but it also offers supervision— further ensuring their safety. 

But what happens when you are in an emergency and can’t get to your pet? How do you ensure they are safe and being supervised? In that case, having various precautionary measures is vital. For example, an emergency contact would be a great idea as they would know what to do. However, you can keep a pet emergency keychain from Our Pet Card. This card lets first responders know that you have a pet at home that needs to be attended to when you are in an emergency.  

Check leashes and collars

Collars and leashes are important when owning a pet, specifically a cat or dog. Besides being legally required in some States, collars usually have vital information such as the animal’s name and address, making them easily identifiable— especially when they go missing. Leashes help you control your pet outdoors, preventing them from wandering off. However, if the proper care is not taken, leashes and collars can compromise your pet’s safety. If the collar is too loose, your pet can easily break away from it, causing them to wander off and be difficult to find. However, you risk breaking your pet’s neck or causing significant injury if the collar is too tight. Additionally, low-quality leashes and collars can compromise your pet’s safety by not being safe itself! Investing in high-quality leashes and collars is always a good idea. 


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