Wednesday, November 4, 2020

4 Ways To Keep Your Pet Comfortable While Traveling

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Traveling with your pet is a fantastic way to create unforgettable memories that both of you can look back fondly on throughout your lives. But, like any type of traveling, it can be stressful. You don’t just need to worry about your family, you need to worry about your pet and their comfort, too. If you’ve never traveled for a Fall vacation with a pet before, you may not know the best way to ensure they are comfortable. Here are a few suggestions to make sure they enjoy their vacation as much as you.

Get Them Used to Journeys

If you’ve never traveled long distances with your pet before, it is worth getting them used to long journeys. You can start small by taking them for a short drive in the car to get familiar with being in the car, reducing any anxiety they would encounter if you thrust them into the car without practice. You can also look at safe ways to transport your family pet if you don’t have enough space in the car that will ensure they arrive at the same place as you on time and comfortable. 

Bring Something Familiar

A new environment can be stressful for pets, and you can ease their anxiety and prevent any erratic behavior by bringing something familiar to them. Usually, this is their favorite toy or a blanket that smells like home (and you) that you can give them if they seem stressed out by the travel. Bringing something familiar will also keep them occupied. They will be able to chew or play with a toy, which should distract them from the journey and help them settle down. 

Don’t Leave Their Sight

Your pet will always look for you when they are in an unusual place. Seeing and smelling you will keep them calm and prevent them from acting out. Because of this, you must not leave their sight even for a second. If you need to fill the car up, you should take them with you or at least leave them with another family member that can soothe any panic. As pets like to explore new places, you can also take them for a short walk to sniff around their surroundings, familiarizing them with the destination and putting them at ease. 

Make The Destination Feel Close to Home

There are many ways you can make your destination feel close to home, and doing so will help provide a seamless transition when traveling. A Pet-friendly accommodation is a great way to start, as the house will already be suitable for pets. Likewise, bring their crate or bed and several toys that they can play with if they feel stressed. If you pack things that they recognize, they will quickly become more comfortable. 

Creature Comforts

By ensuring your pet is as comfortable as possible when traveling, you will be able to relax and enjoy your vacation the way you hoped for. While the first time can be stressful, it can make the next adventure much more manageable, meaning you can take your pet wherever you like and guarantee that they are as happy and comfortable as they deserve to be. 


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