Thursday, February 6, 2020

First Pet? A Few Reasons a Dog is Best

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If you are looking for a first pet, it can be challenging to know what pet would suit both you and your family the best. For a lot of people, after a lot of deliberation, they often discover that the best option for them will always be a dog.

Today, we are going to look at why so many people choose to get a dog; why they are so popular and also a few considerations you should make before you commit to any pet, not just a dog.

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Think Before You Leap

As we briefly mentioned, we are going to look at a few things you should be considering before you even start visiting a dog that may become a member of your family.

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself these questions--do you know that dogs get lonely? Are you going to be home, or is anybody else going to be present to be with the dog? If not, then getting a dog may not be the best idea, and if you do, they will definitely need company.

The second thing you should be looking at is whether you will be able to offer your dog the time it needs for training, walks, and for it to be at its happiest.

If you think both of these will not be a problem at all, then may you are ready to start the search for your new family member.

Dogs Will Be Your Best Friend

The first thing to recognize when you get a dog is that after around three to six weeks, your dog will have started to make its bonds with the people in the household and they will also have their favorite person.

While it may sound ridiculous, there will always be one person that the dog is most drawn to, and that will be their best pal for life. In case you had any doubt just how amazing dogs were, did you know that they had a sense of time?

Have you ever heard somebody say that a dog will sense when the owner is coming home? Well, this has now been debunked as it seems the dog is not sensing the owner. The dog is, in fact, in tune with the universe and has a sense of time. The dog will react around the usual time it feels a family member will be home.

The final reason you should get yourself a dog is that they are incredibly trainable. Now we are not saying you should put your dog through extreme paces. What we are saying is that you can train your dog and create a fun game for everybody involved.

When it comes to pets, dogs are incredibly intelligent, and the first place you should be looking for your new pet is at a shelter. While the old saying said you couldn’t teach an old dog new tricks, you absolutely can, so don’t be afraid to give a dog that is most in need a home before you look at a puppy. 


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