Friday, September 6, 2019

4 Things to Buy as a Dog Owner

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If you are thinking about getting a dog, along with the love, training, and attention that he will need from you, it is also worth considering the products that he will need in order to thrive. This is why today we are sharing with you four things to buy as a dog owner.

Items to keep them healthy

Food is the obvious one here, yes, a dog will need food! Do your research to ensure that you are choosing the best that you can to give your dog with the right nutrients. You are also going to need a food and water bowl.

Your dog will require regular grooming--how regular will depend on the breed. Then, you need to consider preventing or treating worms, fleas and ticks, along with vaccinations.

You will want to look into vet care and pet insurance so that your dog can have regular health check ups and emergency care if required.

Items to keep them exercised and entertained

Your dog is going to need mental and physical stimulation daily, so you will want to buy or make products to keep him happy.

Dogs need regular walks, so you are going to need a collar or harness and leash and perhaps something to keep them safe in your car if you plan to take them out in it.

You will then want to get a variety of toys to keep your dog busy and look into different canine enrichment ideas for further inspiration and potential buys.

You could subscribe to something like BarkBox to ensure you get a new toy monthly, along with treats and surprises for your pet.

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Items to keep them comfortable

Most dogs like to have their own bed. Even those pets that are allowed on the sofas and cuddle happily into you each evening will benefit from having their own space. There are a wide variety of options that you can choose from and you might find that you need to get to know your dog before being able to choose the perfect bed for him.

Some dogs are chewers and might destroy soft beds so plastic might be better. Others would favor a crate so that they have a den, and you might want to crate them for their own safety when you are not around. Some are happy with a flat bed to stretch out on, whilst others like a snuggle sack to disappear into. You might also find that you buy more than one for different rooms in the house.

Treats for yourself

When you become a dog owner, they take up so much of your heart and your attention. All deservedly so, which means that it can be fun to celebrate owning them with a few treats.

If you have a particularly popular breed, you might find that there are products in all of the shops that you can grab, from mugs through to bed linen. Then, there are the general dog-loving products that you can pick up, such as fun magnets or signs.

You might choose to go for something more personal, maybe some custom pet art or jewelry with your pet’s paw prints.

Are you even a dog owner if you don’t own something doggy yourself?


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