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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The #BestDogEver gets some natural nutrition on!

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It's now 2016 and Ruckus is up for some new foods to try out. We're about to spring forward with a time change in the USA (select states only!), so get ready for some awkward transitions, everyone!

Try waking up to this in the morning! I think we'll all need our coffee soon, this Sunday!

Ruckus waxes and wanes depending on his mood if he wants to be particularly picky about his food or if he just releases his internal hunger rage by swallowing his food whole. We've developed a trick in noticing his mood, the ultimate "Are you Hungry?" question will provoke a slight head tilt which leads to a signal that he will ravish anything in front of him.

We've always looked for the best in Ruckus's nutrition. Wholesome ingredients are key and he does get a taste of fresh fruits and vegetables along with his daily meals. Fruits like blueberries and vegetables like carrots are some of the stuff he goes wild for. He also loves sweet potatoes and is known to eat crazier stuff like jackfruit.

So why not think about dog food that has the same ideals?

The campaign today is to introduce a dry recipe with real deboned meat with farm-fresh fruits to the dog bowl. From the looks of it, it appears that the recipe is now including a easily digestible and palatable experience for our dog. It's the Merrick Classic line that we've tried previously with a fresh new look for 2016. It includes a healthy blend of whole grains, including ancient grains like quinoa.

Key-no-ah? Kee-noah? Keen-wa?? We'll never get it pronounced correctly. Five different recipes are available, and the dog food is cooked right here in the USA, with no ingredients sourced from China.

Looks like a 2 green for 1 white special :). Ruckus tried the Classic Real Lamb + Green Peas Recipe with Ancient Grains. We loved how it starts with real deboned lamb as the first ingredient, accounting for 25% protein level. Ruckus loved the flavors and ate it up with glee. There's four other flavors available in this line, so check them out when you can!


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  1. Great giveaway! Merrick has always been known for top quality natural ingredients. Delicious too! I like the new packaging.
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