Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thoughtless Thursday #104: Starting on Our New Years Resolutions!

Educate yourself for your New Years Resolution. Pick up a book and learn something. #goodgrief

Happy Thoughtless Thursday!

Thoughtless Thursday

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  1. Hey Ruckus! We know your friend...her name is Lucy! Happy TT!

  2. Lucy reading to Ruckus! So cool!

  3. Cute picture! Where is this statue??? I live in Minnesota and our state is covered with Snoopy and Charlie Brown charactors since Charles Shultz was from here.

  4. Hello, Ruckus! Your friend is someone we know; her name is Lucy. Happy Indian SMM Panel

  5. What an adorable picture! I'm curious, could you please share the location of this charming statue? It's always exciting to discover unique sculptures like this.Round Pearl