Friday, November 13, 2015

Fueling Up for Indoor and Outdoor Parks #AvoDermNatural

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It's been a few more weeks since we started trying Avoderm®, and Ruckus is looking good and acclimated to this brand new food. Look how happy he for an after meal stroll in the park:

Ruckus is definitely an energetic dog and love his walks, even as the fall, and El Nino approaches. It's okay since California really needs the rain right now. Although, if you've ever had an American Eskimo during the rainy season, you'll definitely know it's not a walk in the park! Even when he goes into the backyard to relieve himself, he gets into a lot of trouble playing with the neighbor's dog beyond the fence. Cleaning those paws, with the long white fur that grows between them, with our carpet being as white as our definitely no fun!

That's why it's great to have the AvoDerm Revolving menu to help him calm down and eat in a set area away from our carpet. To recap, the menu provides the following:
  • Help minimize the risk of food sensitivities by varying proteins
  • Switch proteins with stomach/digestive upset (duck today, lamb tomorrow!)
  • Grain Free, Gluten Free
  • A limited ingredient list to help further minimize sensitivities
  • No white potatoes or fillers
  • Available in smaller sized kibble for little dogs as well!
It seems to be avocado season here in California as well. We've gotten quite a bunch from the local grocery at really good prices. So, avocado dog food for Ruckus, and avocado for us! Avocados are a nutrient rich superfood that helps both humans and pets absorb the nutrients they need. They're rich in healthy fats and omega-3 and -6 fatty acids.

To avoid the wetness for Ruckus, we've also discovered there are indoor dog parks! You get all the benefits of the exercise, with none of the dirt clump fuss!

Here is Ruckus relaxing on a triangle platform...well...he should be running up and down it, but it was his first time, so he sauntered across it, I would say. Yet, he definitely didn't mind being at the top of the triangle, getting a good view of the other dogs!

Avoderm Natural is made in the USA specifically in California and created using California Avocados and high quality proteins.  You can purchase online through this website: Avoderm.

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  1. After a lot of research we just purchased AvoDerm for Shasta after our vet suggested a revolving menu for his Protein as his allergies are acting up since we've started his Cushing's treatment and moved to Central CA from Northern CA. So glad to see & hear how well Ruckus is doing!!

  2. Such a beautiful, kind-looking doggie. If I were not a cat I would be in love...