Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted, The Best For Your Pet #InspiredbyCrafted

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It's been a few months with Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted line, and Ruckus is enjoying the small batches of dog food.

Don't worry, he's stayed away from the cat kibble, even though he would eat it if given the chance!

It's been a long time since we've shared some of the things we've cooked in our households for humans. The Crafted food line has inspired us to remember these recipes and pictures we've taken and given us more incentive to start doing it more! It's exciting creating things in the home and sharing them with family.

One fall, we created all sorts of goodies like pumpkin buns. The double-boiler melted chocolate to make the stems was quite unwieldy to handle, and we were lucky to get something that looked relatively decent on top.

And also with a Breaking Bad Halloween theme, we had a good time creating some hard candy. Using a candy thermometer and waiting for the right temperature of a sugar and corn syrup mixture became quite an exercise in patience!

There's been plenty of chocolatey items as well, including s'mores brownies. There were additional marshmallows on top, but they melted quite quickly with the length of time the brownies needed to cook. Adding the mini-marshmallows afterwards gave a nice touch.

Double chocolate biscotti was a bit more difficult to make. First, we had to bake the loaf, then slice it and re-bake for a nice, hard crunch.

Just reliving these photos brings to mind small-batch cooked goodness, with ingredients straight out of the cupboard. As I've said, it's been a while in opening up the pantry to create such delectable goodies. Life's been busy and taking photos of Ruckus has been the top priority, so we've had to go a little hungry! And, I'm sure your eyes have been hungry missing these human-food photos!

However, we've come across an exiting video from Toni Ellison and her design process when creating miniatures that gives us more of a drive to keep creating. Watch the video here, and look for the fluffy white dog that looks like Ruckus!

Be inspired to keep creating and feel free to learn more about Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted line of pet food through the links below!