Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bugsy's Box June 2014 Review

Welcome dog lovers, we have a fun review of another month's Bugsy's Box to share with you all. Take a gander and see what you think!

1) Squeak & Glow Rocket Toy
Current Listed Price: $11.99
  • Squeaks with confidence
  • Glows in the Dark
    • Fun for nighttime playing
  • Durable and non-toxic

Current Listed Price: $4.00
  • Lightweight portable bowl for travel
  • Good for travels
  • Leash friendly
    • Has an area for attachment on the bowel
  • Convenient
    • Ruckus uses a similar bowl now for travel. Good thing we have a backup since we lost our folding wallet bowl last time!
Current Listed Price: $6.50
  • Made with real peanut butter
  • All-natural, hand-made
  • Beer grain bones for dogs 
    • No hops or alcohol!
Current Listed Price: $4.49
  • All-natural dog chew
    • Grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free
  • High in protein, easily digestible
  • Comes in 3 different sizes
Current Listed Price: $3.25
  • Organic dog biscuits- certified
    • Vermont baked goodness
  • Cranberry with cheddar & mint 
    • Interesting combo of flavors
  • Satisfaction unconditionally guaranteed
    • Impressive statement to have on the box!

Overall, another fun subscription box from Bugsy's! It comes with a good variety of treats/chews, gear, and toys delivered right to your door step. Best of all, these treats and chews are all-natural and organic, giving me the confidence to share with Ruckus.

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  1. Oh, that looks like such a good box! My furbutts would love that Squeak & Glow ball and would be all over the brewscuits and the piggy chew. Ruckus is one lucky pup to get so many goodies every month!

  2. they even look yummy to me,hehehe,xx Speedy

  3. Great review! We got this box, too, but a different toy. My pack especially loved those Brewscuits :-)