Saturday, July 31, 2021

BarkBox Review | Barkbox Unboxing | July 2021 | Space Jam


BarkBox Review | Barkbox Unboxing | July 2021 | Space Jam

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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

How To Ensure You Fully Train Your Dog

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The excitement of owning a new dog can sometimes overshadow the fact that you will need to train your dog effectively if you do not want it to ruin the furniture of your home or end up running aimlessly around the park without listening to your commands. Fully training your dog is an important part of owning a dog so you want to ensure you do all you can to create that close bond between you and to keep them safe when you  go outside. 

Learning How To Use a Leash

It is important your dog can get used to using a leash when you go out for walks, so getting them accustomed to this as soon as possible is useful. Start by using it at home in the garden and then introduce it on your daily walks. You can get them to sniff it before you tie it on so that they become familiar with the smell. They might also think it is a toy to begin with so you want to prevent them from chewing it when you first start attaching it to them. Then you can practice untying it and calling them over to you. 

Potty Train Them 

This will require a bit of patience as your dog gets used to knowing where and when they should be going to the toilet. It is a good idea to feed them at a regular time each day, that way you can get them into the habit of going to the toilet not long after eating. It will be easier on them to get used to knowing that it is toilet time if they have a routine. You could also introduce a word to them just before you take them outside so that they start to associate that word with going to the toilet as well.

They Need To Earn Rewards

You want to get them into the habit of earning a reward rather than being given a treat all the time. So try to focus on one command at a time. If they do this well then you should definitely reward them with a treat so that they know that this is good behavior. If you get into the habit of giving them treats all the time they will learn to expect it for any behavior whether it is good or bad, which you do not want. 

Professional Dog Trainer 

If you need assistance with getting your dog to follow various commands such as learning stress signals or how to socialize with other dogs, then it might be worth attending some puppy training. Ideally you want to train them when they are young or as soon as you get them as it will be easier to instill the different commands. At least a professional dog handler can give you some great recommendations on how to encourage obedience with your dog if you want to master the basics.