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BarkBox Review | Barkbox Unboxing | December 2019 | Muttcracker

BarkBox Review | Barkbox Unboxing | December 2019 | Muttcracker

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Monday, December 23, 2019

What to do About Your Anxious Dog

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Dog’s can experience anxiety for all kinds of reasons, the same way humans can. There are certain behaviors, which can range from aggression to urinating in the home, that can be associated with anxiety. If you spot any strange behavior from your dog and you think might be an underlying issue, it’s important to take action.

If you’re worried and confused about the situation and you don’t know what to do to help your dog in the best way possible, you’re in the right place. Read on to find out about what you can do ensure your dog’s anxiety problems are dealt with correctly.

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Have the Problem Confirmed

First of all, you need to get the problem properly confirmed by a vet. Just like in humans, anxiety is a real condition for dogs and one that needs to be diagnosed by a professional. Only then can you start to find ways to treat the issue and to help your dog with getting better and less anxious on a day to day basis. Use your regular vet or one you feel you can trust if you don’t have a regular one.

Look for Potential Causes

To properly help your dog and prevent the anxiety they’ve been experiencing, it’s important to look for the things that might have been causing this anxiety in the first place. For some dogs, anxiety comes about as a result of separation from their owner. For others, there might be completely different causes. Either way, it’s important to understand the likely causes so you can find ways around them going forward.

Try CBD-Infused Treats

One of the things that many dog owners now used to treat their anxious dogs are CBD-infused treats. CBD has the power to calm dogs and help them feel more at ease in situations where they might otherwise get anxious and uncomfortable. Tempo&Tails dog treats offer a perfect example of these kinds of treats and you might want to try them if you want an easy and simple way of treating the signs of anxiety that your dog is displaying.

Pheromone Therapy

There are also lots of different therapy options you might want to consider if your dog is showing signs of anxiety. Pheromone therapy is one such example of this. This type of therapy can be helpful for anxious dogs because there are certain pheromones that dogs find calming and relaxing. So by using these pheromones in a therapeutic context, your dog can be relaxed and kept at ease when they might otherwise be overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety.

Find Ways to Reduce Your Dog’s Exposure to Stress

There are lots of small things you can do to reduce your dogs exposure to stress and stressful situations too. Start by paying attention to them and the situations in which they start to experience stress. That way, you can pick up on the things that trigger their stress and anxiety and take steps to prevent those problems arising in the first place. It will all depend on what’s causing your dog problems and what your specific situation is.


Training can be one of the most helpful things of all for your dog because it provides them with the structure they want and need in their lives. If this is something that they’ve been lacking, training could provide it to them. Most people don’t even realize this but training exercises and sessions are usually very enjoyable for dogs and they enjoy that structure that comes with it. So if you haven’t taken the time to properly train your dog yet, that’s something you should look to change.

You Should Try to Stay Calm Too

Finally, you should think about your own feelings might impact those of your dog. If you’re always anxious and on edge, it’ll feed through to your dog. Dogs respond to the behaviors of their owners and they’re definitely more perceptive than many owners realize. If you want to make sure that your dog stays calm and reduces its anxiety, you first need to reduce your own anxiety levels. It’ll make a much bigger difference than you think.

Anxiety problems are not uncommon among dogs, and there are options for treating problems like these. You shouldn’t worry too much about the situation; instead, take action and start helping your dog overcome these problems. It can be done and the ideas above will help you with that.