Saturday, August 12, 2023

How To Welcome An Excitable New Pooch Into Your Home

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There’s nothing quite like bringing a wonderful new dog into your life. There’s a reason they’re known as man’s best friend. Dogs can be loyal to a fault, are a real bundle of joy, rarely have dour moods, and if trained well, can be a fantastic companion for life.

Having dogs in your household can also be very valuable for children, who learn now to fear them even when they’re excitable, and will no doubt develop healthy and happy memories with them that they carry for life.

Welcoming an excitable new puppy or pooch into your household, then, is important to do correctly. Know that there will be a few awkward moments and mistakes no matter what you do - a dog might not know where to conduct their business and have a few accidents on the floor, but that’s all part of their development as you potty train them and care for them over time.

Before long, your beloved pooch will become a staple part of your family home. With that in mind, consider these few steps for achieving exactly that:

Set The Routine Quickly

Dogs are creatures of routine - they know when to wake when they’ll be fed when it’s time to relax, and when you go to work - anyone would think they were keeping a personal schedule book under their fur. That’s why it’s good to set the routine quickly to get them acclimated to the life of your household. Give them a consistent bedtime, and make sure they know when and where they’ll be fed. Let them out at the same times during the day so they can hold their bladder for potty training. This helps them feel more accustomed to your home, as quickly as possible.

Slowly Introduce Them To Pets

If you have other pets in your household, they’ll know about it before you tell them. This is because even if you divide them in other rooms, dogs can smell the presence of other animals. That said, it’s good for them to get used to the home environment before a million cats, dogs, gerbils, rabbits, parrots or whoever else you may have at home comes to greet them. Let them pick up the scent. Keep them in separate rooms. When the time comes, gently introduce them together under supervision. This will help them sniff each other out and get used their life shared in the new house.

Sell Your Unique Attributes

All families are a little mad, so it’s healthy to showcase what kind of family you are straight away. That might involve singing your doggy theme song for the family, showing them that they’re not allowed to sleep on the sofa during the day but they can jump on your lap while you watch television at night. You may even buy dog pajamas to show that yes, they deserve to dress sharply too. It’s nice for a dog to feel utterly welcomed at every level, and they pick up on more than you think.

With this advice, you’re sure to welcome an excitable new pooch into your home.