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How To Pamper Your Dog Like A Spoiled Cat

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Cats get quite a bit of pampering, but the same isn’t always true for dogs. We tend to treat them – how should we put it? – more robustly. 

But do we have to go down this route? 

Well, not necessarily. It turns out that we can treat them from time to time and they’ll still love us. (Unlike cats, the risk of them turning into spoiled brats is minimal). So what’s to lose? 

The purpose of this article is to run through some of the ways you can pamper and take care of your dog like a cat. You’ll discover all sorts of ideas that transform how you treat them. Here’s what you need to know: 

Provide Gourmet Treats

You don’t just have to give your dog bits of old pasta you couldn’t quite finish the night before. Treating your pooch’s taste buds from time to time can get them coming back for more. 

Granted, gourmet treats for dogs are a little different than those for humans, but they contain the same basic ingredients, like fatty meats, vegetables, and some fruits. Dogs can also eat special baked goods, as long as they don’t contain too many grains and have sufficient fiber. Making treats for dogs is significantly more straightforward than for cats who have rigid diets. (Dogs are much more omnivorous and don’t need to subsist on meat alone). 

Give Them Personalized Toys

You can also pamper dogs like they are cats by giving them personalized toys. Adjusting their play spaces keeps them mentally engaged and happy, even when not exercising. 

People spend a fortune on providing cats with scratching posts and cognitive aids. Dogs, for the most part, have to put up with sticks their owners find in the park. 

Break with this tradition and find out what makes your dogs happy. Experiment with different toys to see which they enjoy the most. 

Groom and Brush Them Regularly

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You can also pamper your dog like a cat by grooming and brushing them regularly. Removing the various mats and tangles in their fur can make them feel more comfortable and reduce the risk of parasites, like ticks and fleas. 

If your dog is a little older, introduce grooming slowly. Don’t force them into an hour-long session immediately. It could make them feel uncomfortable. 

Also, ensure you use a gentle massage brush. Don’t use a human hair brush as it is unhygienic and can cause unpleasant tugging that hurts them. 

If your dog is used to grooming, you can also give them a warm bath with pet shampoo and conditioner. While it can be scary for animals who aren’t used to it, afterward they feel light, fluffy, and refreshed. Most pooches will simply go to sleep. 

Add Massage To Your Dog’s Routine

You can also try adding massage to your dog’s routine. Gently rubbing their paws can calm them down and provide them with the physical contact they require to remain mentally healthy.

Some vendors sell pet-safe massage oils. These help your fingers move over their fur more easily, letting you get at the muscle below. 

Remember, most healthy dogs are significantly leaner than people. Therefore, you should be able to feel the muscles and bones more easily. However, it can take some time to figure out where the muscle tissue is, as it is also quite hard. 

Try to avoid massaging the bones as this can cause your dog discomfort. Feel around the neck, back, and legs for their muscle pads and press into them to reduce tension and stress. 

The best time to massage your dog is after exercise. Timing it right will often cause them to fall asleep, rest and relax. 

Provide Them With A Cat Flap

You can also pamper your dog like a cat by providing them with a flap, or a sliding glass with a dog door. These are much bigger than conventional cat flaps but give dogs the same freedom to go outside when they want and explore the garden. 

Of course, you’ll need to make sure your dog is safe in the backyard. But giving them this extra freedom means they will exercise themselves throughout the day and let off steam when you aren’t there. 

Give Them A Spa Area

You can also modify your home for extra pampering by giving your dog a spa-like area. Adding various scents like lavender and chamomile can calm them down and make them more likely to follow your instructions. 

Some cat owners give their feline friends spa areas in the hope that they will love them. That’s not necessary for dogs, but it can be a nice addition to your home. Plus, you can spend time there, too, whenever you want to unwind after work. 

Other additions include playing calming music (proven to help dogs relax) and adding lots of comfortable seating and dog beds. Just keep candles out of jumping range for safety reasons. (Dogs aren’t that great with fire). 

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Engage Their Sense Of Smell

As you probably know, dogs interpret the world through their sense of smell. Therefore, you can also pamper them by getting them involved in activities that use this sense. Dogs love sniffing trails and finding their way to delicious treats at the end of their adventures. 

These smell enrichment exercises can seem counterintuitive to us, but dogs love them. Just hide food around the garden or at dog level in the house and set them loose. Pups will quickly find and consume it. 

You can also add puzzles to engage your dog’s intellect. Solving problems to get food keeps them sharp and protects them against the ravages of age-related diseases. Smart dogs will often surprise you with the inventive methods they use. 

Give Them One-On-One Cuddles

You can also pamper your dog like a cat by giving them cuddles. Like people, dogs need others to be close to them, be they other dogs or humans. 

Giving dogs a one-on-one cuddle can actually have bigger effects than for cats. While our feline friends enjoy a bit of contact here and there, dogs enjoy it all the time. Touching them creates personal bonding and increases trust, which can be great if your animal isn’t used to being around people or you just collected them from the shelter. 

Give Them Personalized Toys

Alongside personalized fun and games, you can also give dogs toys that stretch their cognitive and social skills. Toys that dispense treats are a great option and can keep them entertained for hours while you watch a film or settle down for the evening. 

Many manufacturers make these toys, which is extremely helpful if you’re one of those people who has a hectic lifestyle. However, you can also make them yourself using instructions online, giving your dog a challenge. Toys stuffed with treats can be a great way to get into your dog’s good books (if you weren’t there already!)

Play Tug-Of-War

Granted, cats don’t enjoy tug-of-war games, but dogs love them and will fight you all day long if given half a chance. You can also play chase games with your dog around the yard if it is safe to do so. 

Just make sure you don’t harm their teeth. Pulling too hard on a rope can cause you to accidentally pull them out, necessitating a sudden trip to the dentist. 

Sit With Them In The Shade

If it’s a sunny day, you can also pamper your dog by sitting with them in the shade. Dogs love lounging around outdoors, especially when other people are there. 

If your dog likes being outside in all seasons, then adding a few heat lamps to your patio area can help. These blast out energy, helping to keep them warm during the winter months, and giving them more opportunities to be outside if the park is closed off due to heavy snow. 

Celebrate Their Birthday

Cats love it when you celebrate their birthday (though they don’t act like it!) But dogs enjoy it, too. Throwing them a birthday bash can be a wonderful way to build a connection and provide them with an excuse to run wild. 

Bringing other dogs to the event can make it much more fun, as can baking a cake. You can also arrange for your furry friend to play various games and enjoy themselves in the home. Don’t forget to base the whole experience around what they can sense through their noses. 


When it comes to pampering your dog, you have plenty of options. However, you’ll want to experiment and find an approach that works best for your pup’s needs and preferences. Remember, dogs can be quite different from each other, especially as they get older, so you’ll want to choose activities for them carefully.

Don’t try to pamper them in exactly the same way as a cat. While feline friends enjoy sitting on high perches and lording it over everyone around them, dogs much prefer to snuggle up in dog beds, or even on the sofa close to you.