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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

American Eskimo Dog exhibits odd behavior

This American Eskimo Dog is guilty of something. I just know it! This is one odd behavior for Ruckus the Eskie. He is anti- dog bed. I would have to trick him or force him to lay in his cozy foam supportive bed however this time he was there at his free will! Please tell me if your dog exhibits any odd behavior and if you ever figured out what any of it means! (Of note, this behavior is normal for any other dog, just not for Ruckus) PS I mention CONCRETE in the video but I meant TILES! WE don't have concrete inside the house!

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  1. I'm odd all da time, so who knows?

  2. Well, he looks as if he has perhaps eaten something, or maybe he is just tired and feeling the winter's chill. But it does not look like Ruskus behaviour. I hope all is okay.

    1. No worries at all! He was being a weird for a hot minute. He's back to normal now :)